VIDEO: Stephen Moyer on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

July 17, 2010 by  

Stephen Moyer was just on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and we now have the video of this. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy Stephen both backstage and talking with Jay Leno!

Part 1

Part 2


  • Nia

    Hi Lizzie, Jaxx, Isis!!

    Stephen was all kinds of sweet on Leno. But then he is always entertaining in his interviews. Making people laugh and smile is what he always strives to do.
    I love hearing about his humble beginnings and of course his beautiful children.
    How cute singing!!! Nelly the Elephant!! LOL, Jaxx I agree, maybe Bill could sing it to Arlenes kids, next time he babysits!!
    Loved it.

    BTW, nice little aftershow interview!!

    Thanks Isis.

  • lizzie1701

    What a beautiful man! Gee, he just waffled on and we got to learn more about his life! Jay was nice to him and did not cut him off, like some presenters!

    Loved the little interview at the end! Jay cutting in at the appropriate time and asking Stephen back!

    Stephen is making it – I mean Jay Leno!! How great is that!

    Thanks Isis!

  • jaxx

    He always is a great interview. Very sweet, very nice. Love the accent. And, love “Nelly the Elephant”. AB please work that in with Arlene’s kids or something, what a hoot that would be. LOL. 🙂

    • Joe Bittle

      It’s always nice to see that the actors/actresses are giving of their time for Charity.
      You are right Stephen Moyer comes across very sweet, little timid, boyish….very different from Bill. 🙂 I am enjoying 3rd season. 4th season has a lot to do to top the 3rd season. My hat is off to all the actors on TrueBlood. Great perfomances.