VIDEO: Stephen Moyer Weighs in with Oscar Predictions

March 7, 2010 by  

True Blood‘s handsome Stephen Moyer was asked by to discuss who he’s rooting for when it comes to tonight’s Oscar ceremony. His response?

“I’d love Jeff Bridges to win (for Crazy Heart); he’s my favorite actor, I absolutely love him.”

Stephen also enjoyed several other Oscar contenders.

“I was very affected by The Hurt Locker and I loved Crazy Heart. I think Jeremy Renner is brilliant as well. I thought that was a great performance.”

However, neither of the above mentioned films is Stephen‘s favorite movie of the year. Stephen said,

“My favorite film of the year is Up. I think it’s extraordinary and I loved it.”

Of course, Stephen isn’t the only one rooting for his favorite actors and movies tonight, and we all have different tastes in movies (unlike our shared love of the fabulous True Blood). The question is, whose predictions are more on the ball tonight? Tune in to the Oscars, and let’s see if Stephen‘s predictions (or yours) come true at all!

Enjoy the video with Stephen‘s clip beginning at the 15 seconds mark!

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