VIDEO: Stephen Moyer Working With Werewolves

March 5, 2010 by  

MTV’s Hollywood Crush caught up with True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer during Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Fun Fearless Males of 2010 Event at the Mandarin Oriental on Monday, March 1, 2010 in New York City and asked him some questions regarding season 3 of True BloodStephen stated that he is really excited for season 3 and to be working with werewolves and really wolves.

“I’ve been working with real wolves and I mean you don’t get to do that very often,” he shared. “We’ve got real wolves in the show amazing. They’re beautiful and huge and wild and they feel like they’re the size of lions. It’s unbelievable.”

As to what is going to be happening with vampire Bill Compton, Stephen didn’t want to say too much without spoiling it.  As you will see in the video Stephen is always fun to interview and is always charming. Enjoy!

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SOURCE:  MTV’s Hollywood Crush

  • pbt

    100 days until the v-ddiction for Season Three continues. The weres will be a great addition to the storyline of True Blood.

    • Antonio

      97 days now… At some point though a werewolf which is a man shifted or transformed into a wolf will probably be shown.
      Real wolves walk on 4 legs Weres walk on 2.

  • jaxx

    Love that accent. He is so cute trying not to spoil for everyone. Sounds exciting. Real wolves are going to be so much better than those CGI ones. Season 3 should be a good one, but it’s only March!!!!

    • Nia

      Agreed Jaxx,
      Real wolves at a time when everything is computer generated. Good on AB to keep things authentic.
      Yeah I love his accent. Hes too cute and always funny!
      What a contradiction, Stephen the consumate funny man playing serious quiet Bill.
      I love them both!

  • iamtrue2bill

    Oh my, another great video of interviewing SM ! He is so pleasant, and forthcoming, and unassuming, all of which I’ve said before. He’s just too adorable to put into words.

  • Nia

    It is so hard to answer questions about the show and not give anything away.
    Stephen is such a sweetie for trying. But what he does not say he covers up with great wit, humour and loads of personality!
    I bet being such an animal lover he is in 7th heaven working with wolves.
    He is wonderful and amazing as always.
    He can tame my animal anytime!
    Hurry Season 3!

    As always you give us wonderful news and videos AdoreBill!
    Thank you!

    Team True Blood

    • Nia! Stephen can tame my wild animal as well!!

      • Nia