Video: Tanya Wright on Butterfly Rising and True Blood

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Tanya Wright talks about her debut book and True Blood

Tanya Wright (Kenya Jones) spoke with Fox in Philadelphia to touch on her adventures in True Blood and her debut book Butterfly Rising.  Tanya is excited to be working on a show as fun as True Blood, with it’s heightened version of reality, shapeshifters and vampires she is happy to be a part of the cast.  When asked why she thought people were so into the show she says:

“Vampires are hot.  Vampire stories make good stories”

Her book however, is not a vampire story. Her own brothers death inspired her to write Butterfly Rising.  The book is about two women both outcasts in their town and suffering from their own tragedies, who take off to make their dreams come true with the help of Lazarus of the Butterflies.  The book is filled with tragedy, hope and inspiration.  When asked about her inspiration for the book she said:

“It might sound morbid, but I looked at death and I thought ‘If I died tomorrow, I want to be sure that I did all I can.'”

This book, which is being made into a movie as well (directed by none other than Tanya), was something she wanted to do so she got down to doing it.   The movie is expected to be released in 2011.

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