VIDEO: Todd Lowe Concert at EyeCon

November 22, 2009 by  

Todd-LoweMany of you may not know but Todd Lowe not only plays the endearing war veteran, Terry Bellefleur on HBO’s True Blood but he is also an accomplished musician and singer with his own country-rock band based in Los Angeles called Pilbilly KnightsTodd demonstrated his other talent as a musician recently at EyeCon by putting on a little performance at the event.  Enjoy the video!

(Photo credit:  IMDb.Com)

  • Antonio

    I think this is really cool! I’m glad that he has other interests besides acting. It shows him to be a man of other talents. It just goes to show that Acting Is Not His Life…Its Only a Part of It! I like that aspect! Kudos for keeping true to your passions,Todd!