Video: New Trailer for Battle: Los Angeles with Jim Parrack

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Latest Sneak Peek of the Alien Invasion

True Blood's Jim Parrack in Battle: Los Angeles

Fans of Jim Parrack, the actor who plays Hoyt Fortenberry on HBO‘s True Blood, will be happy to hear they don’t have to wait until June to see his sweet smile.  He stars in the upcoming sci-fi action flick “Battle: Los Angeles” as a marine fighting off aliens in a massive attack.

The film focuses on the war raging in L.A., being fought by the platoon under Aaron Eckhart‘s command.  Michelle Rodriguez and Bridget Moynahan also star, and for some extra tugging of the heart strings, Joey King of Ramona and Beezus fame appears.  Written by Christopher Bertolini, directed by Jonathan Liebesman, Battle: Los Angeles comes out on March 11.

Watch the trailer below, and hold on to your seats.  Even if you’re not into action flicks, you may just find yourself whispering, “Holy cow!”.

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