VIDEO: True Blood’s Carrie Preston Becomes a Real Redhead

March 17, 2010 by  

True Blood‘s Carrie Preston has decided to get rid of her fiery red-headed wig in exchange to coloring her natural blonde hair red for her role as Arlene caught up with Carrie at the salon to catch her transformation and to get her insight into the change.

Carrie told that she was getting tired that nobody recognized her as she spent almost eight hours getting her locks transformed. She states that each day when she would go to work with her natural blonde hair,

“People who I worked with for two seasons would say hi and introduce themselves to me,” she laughed. “Next season I’ll ditch the wig and use my own hair,” Carrie told”

Carrie states that fans love how funny her character is and how she provides some comic relief in the vampire show. However she does admit that she wished that Arlene could become a supernatural even though in the books she is human with the show anything is possible.

Carrie told that she was willing to take the risk of change her natural hair color to be more like Arlene and as Carrie says,

“I still feel like myself but I can relate to her.”

Enjoy the video of Carrie’s interview and transformation.