VIDEO: True Blood Cast Impression of Comic-con 2010

July 26, 2010 by  

The True Blood cast were interviewed during Comic-con 2010. They were asked about their impressions of the event and about meeting the fans who had come from far away to see them. Enjoy!

  • lizzie1701

    Thanks Adore Bill! There was no Stephen interview, but 2 of CH. I think CH’s fame and fortune has been doubled by TB – seems she was being defensive a couple of times (on panel and here). At least we saw Stephen a couple of times during the clip! I think Anna’s Kiwi accent was coming out a bit, too!

  • Cherie DeSange

    I have such great appreciation for all involved with TRUE BLOOD! FABULOUS SHOW!

  • *glares a bit* I’m still REALLY upset that I couldn’t get into that signing line! 🙁

    • lizzie1701

      Isis, what happened? You got in last year – were there too many ‘pusherinners” this time round or were you not quick enough? I feel sorry for you as I know you were looking forward to all aspects of the con.

      • It was a mix of both, Lizzie. I waited around for hours in an unofficial line because I was following security’s rules. However, many “pusherinners” started the True Blood line early where the real line was supposed to be, and those people are the ones who got in. I personally blame security for not preventing this because there were HUNDREDS of fans like me who ended up being incredibly disappointed.