VIDEO: True Blood Cast in Paris For Season 2 Premiere

November 7, 2009 by  

True-Blood-Season-2-French-PremiereOn November 5, 2009 Alexander Skarsgard, Sam Trammell, Michelle Forbes, and Rutina Wesley attended the premiere of Season 2 of True Blood in Paris, France at the Max Linder Cinema.  In the video Alex, Sam, Rutina and Michelle do a Q & A session before the screening of episode 1 and 2. Sam has studied in France before yet he was hesitate to give his answer in French.  Now my French is a little rusty but I believe the announcer is informing the audience that Sam can speak French and then asks Sam to explain the spirit of True Blood to which Sam states in French, “My God, I don’t speak French very well.”

  • Shawheen

    What did that curvy woman say at the end that made everyone laugh? Alex looked uncomfortable because he seemed hesitant in answering her.

  • Antonio

    I’m glad this show can be seen now in So many places the world over! I’m happy for All of Them!! I was wondering about something. Next Year,Will there be a Season 3 Premiere Here in the USA?? Surely there must be,right? Will it be in NYC?? Since HBO headquarters are in Manhattan. When Will it take place? In May Or June of next year?? I remember watching Highlights from the Premiere of a season of The Sopranos and Michael Imperioli saying “This is Unbelievable, We felt like a rock band So Many People Just So Many Its Awesome!”
    Who Were These People? Were they fans? Spectators? the press?
    If TB DOES have a Season 3 Premiere in NYC next year Will people be able to go? To Attend if they can get tickets??
    NYC is not too far from me Maybe I would go with a friend or 2 If I could get tickets or somehow be there!
    Of Course, I know that people are Not allowed to attend the cast Party But I wonder if Any of You might be able to?
    Whats kind of sad here is that by the time Season 3 airs on HBO they will have already wrapped up yet another season!
    At That Point they will probably want to begin casting for season 4! I wonder If they will have Open auditions!!
    Hmmmmmm! My Sister,whos not an actress,went to audition for Season 5 of the Sopranos She never got the chance as there was a HUGE line around 2 city blocks about 2000 people showed up for that! That Was The Sopranos!! Can you imagine How Many would turn out for an open audition for True Blood Season 4 OR 5?? I might be 1 of them!!
    3 Questions Here:
    1.WHEN is the Premiere for Season 3?
    2.WHERE Will it be Held?
    3. WHO can Attend?

  • pbartteacher

    Actually if you do a little research about the latest men’s fashions for fall/winter of 2008/2009 you will see very similar suits. Mixing of colors, patterns and textures is very updated. The retro look with layering of patterns, the narrow pants legs. The shorter men’s outer wear suit jackets and the bow tie. Check this link out: If you scan down half way on the page, you will see an outfit very similar.

    I felt the ensemble that Alex is wearing is right off of the fashion runway. But I realize not everyone has the same taste in clothes and fashion. Alex has always leaned toward more modern but classic lines in his clothing choices.The rest of the cast looked amazing as well but on the conservative side. Everyone has their own sense of fashion. Thank goodness we all don’t look, dress, and think alike.

    Kudos to the True Blood cast for a great season and looking forward to 2010. Only 214 days away. But who’s counting? All of us devoted Truebies.

  • Lizzie

    Alex looks very weird. His dress sense needs looking at. He looks like he should be at Disneyland in his Mickey Mouse outfit. The others looked fine. It was a bit of a jumbled affair with the French and English interpretations. Still, I hope the audience enjoyed the premiere – they would have had a feast of Bill and Sookie very intense love making for ep 1 and then Bill and Sookie in bed, with Sookie taking charge, for ep 2!! Lucky people! They were 2 of the best love scenes on TB!

    • Antonio

      Poor Alex! LOL I agree that his “suit” might be somewhat of a clunker but cut the guy some slack! I can recall about a month month and a half ago that Sam attended some function and he looked like he slept in his outfit. A bit unkempt But then again We must realize that these are hard working actors..Sometimes shooting scenes go on Way into the wee hours!
      I remember Ryan Kwanten saying in an interview That 1 time shooting did not wrap until almost daybreak and that they were filming Most Of The Night! He went on to say he was able to get about 4 hours of sleep Before Returning to the set Again to re-shoot some scenes! Besides, I personally Never cared for Any of those “Best OR Worst dressed” lists…As they are yet another pathetic attempt to take apart actors and make them look ridiculous!

  • jujuwaille

    ah big new! je ne savais pas que sam parlais français !bon a savoir

    • Oui, Sam étudier dans le Paris 3: Censier et Paris 7: Jussieu. J’écris le peu de français. 🙂

      • Antonio

        First of All Its No surprise to Me that Sam Trammell can speak French After All The man did study Linguistics in college!
        Secondly, adorebill, you write french quite nicely! I’m impressed. I’d bet that Mr. Trammell can speak several languages. I’m fluent in Italian myself. Il programma True Blood e` meraviglioso. Il vampiro Bill e` il mio preferito. Mi piace Bill e Sam tanto bene. Eric e` un viggo anche.

  • Sinna

    Alex is so cute! Great vid! =)