VIDEO: True Blood Season 3: Episode 6 “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues” Preview

July 19, 2010 by  

Here’s the preview for Episode 6:  “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues” of True Blood and it looks like we are in for a lot of new surprises next week including some interesting biting!  Enjoy!

Ep. 30: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues – Preview
  • victoria


  • victoria

    prevews = for 7 IS bill going to become a half vamp. half hurma is he going to be day walker vamp. Sookie should have a secert of her on she should be able to tell what vamp. are thinking even if it hurts how she feels about them.she should let the vamp. be over top her i thought the part about smelling there memorys was lovely

  • KS Rose

    Please remember to treat all actual human beings with respect here. That would include both the article authors, the commentators, the actors and crew of True Blood and anyone else that isn’t fictional. This doesn’t mean that you can’t criticize or disagree. But you do so by disagreeing with someone’s comment/acting/etc., giving your reasons in a respectful way and not by attacking the person making the comment/doing the acting. You have no first amendment rights here, this is our chalkboard.

  • victoria

    enjoyed episode 6 cant wait for 7 and 8 alcide hot in wolf form and loved it. it is about time for sookie to knock someone around. and hope she keeps it up. in the previews bill is acting like edward in new moon saying that he is leaving sookie to give her a chance to have a normal life. alcide hottie hottie in human & wolf form, he is a beautiful white wolf. sookie says she can kick bad ass, i think she needs to start doing instead of saying. and i think she needs to get inside vampires heads some how. and tara knows how to knock them out.

  • Jonathan

    What is the song that is played in the end credits?

    • meredith

      I KNOW. I can’t figure it out either. It’s driving me crazy because that song sounds basically amazing.

      • Jonathan

        Hey Just found out!
        Cary Ann Hearst- Hell’s Bells

        • meredith

          perfect. thanks for it!

  • Cherie DeSange

    Does the name “Michael Vick” mean anything to anyone?????

  • victoria

    joelee say he ownes tommy frm head to tail has joelee reg. hem as a dog in dog fights because tommy made the statment he got in a lot of fights

  • victoria

    Episode 5 Best one so far hope something about Eric and sook bill get started before sesonon end come on now we need more sex and this Episode

  • val


  • victoria

    Sam tring to halp his brother if he lets hem. Jason working in office bunch of crap! out side under over good job for hem. It’s time for sookie to be bad ass and hard ball i wont to see what happens when she use the power on a vamp. the king for wonting every thing bill for spying on her and Eric he knows he wont her for a lover or something his all ready told her she should nock hem jest for being a ass franklin woo his all out of it but i fell sorry for hem And bill maker for what happen in dallas and over the phone call about having sex bill need panch out by sookie power it jest the blood it in sookie’s head

  • Loleaf

    I also wondered if he was being molested… It may be a blackmailing thing also, he said that he owned him, maybe he is threatening to expose him as a shifter if he doesn’t do as he says!!! There’s something not right about that Mickens family!! Sam is starting to realize he’s made a mistake finding them..

  • Thyrza

    All the actors are damn good. Sam had me going when he protected his brother from the Drunken dad!

    I want to know what is SOOkie!!

    • ~ Caitlin

      ***** SPOILER***** If You WANT TO KNOW WHAT SOOKIE IS!!!!

      sookie is part fae meaning she is part fairy. However, these are not all the nice fairies you see in fairytales. They live in a different realm but can live amongst humans. This is according to the books though.

  • Thyrza

    Please tell me is Sam’s brother being molested by his father? He is always scantily clad when they are in the house and seems addicted to him when he is not with him. I hope it is not too bizarre. Sam’s mother is the true ring leader amongst the three.

    I think the King of Mississipi was the guy in the black cloak who had the wolves kill his father and steal their crown. He may recognize Eric but Eric did not know his identity until he discovers the crown in the king’s collection. Eric saw the crown and now knows he is the vampire he and Godrick have hunted for years to avenge his father.