VIDEO: True Blood Episode 3.03 – It Hurts Me Too Preview

June 21, 2010 by  

Last night’s episode of “Beautifully Broken” has many fans speculating as what is going to happen next as season 3 is truly living up to everyone’s expectations and more.  HBO has released a sneak peek look at Episode 3.03 – “It Hurts Me Too” and it seems from the clip that there is going to be alot of hurting going on.

Ep. 27: It Hurts Me Too – Preview
  • Nia

    I agree about the storylines Jaxx, I am enjoying all of them. No sugar coating, just pure hard core drama!
    I can see TB being #1 for HBO.

  • lizzie

    Poor Bill! What is he being subjected too??

    • Nia

      Yes Lizzie, our sweet Bill will be subjected to alot of misery this season as well as reliving past miseries.
      He doesnt get much of a break does he.

  • jaxx

    I wish it were Sunday again. So far S3 has been right on the money. Good job AB. Great storyline so far. You will surpass Sopranos at this rate.

  • Leslie

    Bravo Raelle and Scott! Job well done in Ep2. I’m very pleased with the casting choices for the new characters as well, like I should be surprised. I’ve read all the books but NEVER expect them to be the same, but so far right on AB!