VIDEO: True Blood’s Hot New Men

May 31, 2010 by  

Recently True Blood‘s newest heartthrobs for season 3, Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux), Theo Alexander (Talbot) and Kevin Alejandro (Jesus Velasquez) participated in OUT Magazine‘s Hot List photo shoot for their June/July issue.  Here is a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot and we can see the True Blood men starting at 2:08 mark of the video.  Enjoy!

  • Antonio

    Lets not forget that this season there are some Ultra-Hot Women coming to TB Too! Yvetta,Janice Hervaux, Debbie Pelt (who’d want to mess with her) Crystal Norris

    Nothing on the hot Women of TB?? Oh well 1 can only wait i suppose LOL

    1 good thing we will have some new blood on the show. Alejandro(spanish) Alexander (greek) Mangainiello(italian) Always nice to have people from diverse backgrounds.
    Go TB

    • pbt

      So true Antonio about the “hot women” too. And don’t forget Jessica/Debra Ann Woll and of course Tara Thornton/Rutina Wesley. All sorts of hot men and women this season for sure to keep our True Blood addiction going.

      Of course, you know who I will be waiting to see. Alan Ball continues to tease about who will be naked episode one. Counting the minutes. LOL

  • jaxx

    Joe sure is one hottie and the others are right up there. There are so many good looking people on this show, it’ll be hard to concentrate. 😉

  • Alona

    Wow, as I was watching this I couldn’t help but think, ‘My god, either Kevin and Theo are really short… or Joe is really tall!!!’ And as is turns out, Joe is actually 6′ 5″.. so he’s taller than Alex/Eric!! LOL Alex must be so happy to not be the tallest guy on set anymore! Me luuuvs me some tall guys *siigh*
    Also, they should have included Grant Bowler/Coot.. he is HAWT!! They are ALL hawt!! Can’t wait for June 13th 😉 *squeeee*