VIDEO: True Blood Interview from Comic-con 2010

July 24, 2010 by  

Michael Ausiello sat down with Alan Ball, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer at Comic-con 2010 and discussed season 3 and what we can expect to see in the second half of True Blood.

  • lizzie1701

    Right on Adore Bill and Isis! I also saw what AB saw in the Bill and Sookie relationship and glad he is portraying them as he is. I guess to make the series interesting for seasons, he has to include lots of drama but it is obvious that Billand Sookie will end up together.

    I think it is Eric and the amnesia storyline and Eric will change his personality which will make Sookie like him more (more like Bill??). I guess she will still be angry at Bill and imo this will be a small diversion for her. Yes, AB did say it was fated they come together, but in which way and for how long?

    Bill and Sookie have a huge following as well and there are tons of sites out there for Bill/SM. Just because we are not as vocal as Eric/Alex shippers does not mean there is not a following – trust me – there is! Plus approx 11 miill people tune in for TB – not everyone has read the bookd PLUS it was the romance of Bill and Sookie which FIRST brought them into TB in the first place! I read a lot of posts from magazines and trust me – Bill and Sookie love is out there! I suppose, as AB has once said, the series is diverting from the books and if you are a bookie, more power to them, as they have both mediums!

    Anyway, this post is for the video clip with Austiello/ AB/A/S. I thought this clip cute and Anna was sure animated! Loved how, when asked about how the show is risque, Anna had her hand on Stephen’s leg. Stephen also was looking at her bangles – wonder if he gave them to her for her birthday?

    They did n’t give much away, and I liked Austiello’s “nice” to AB’s response (same as what Bill said about Sam’s bod in that dream sequence). If Sookie and Billdo come back together for the second half, there will be probs. Have gathered that.

    The interview did not give much away, but it was cute.

    Thanks Adore Bill.

  • ~ Caitlin

    I think AB meant it’s “fated” that Eric and Sookie would eventually get together. However,he prefers her with Bill.
    Bill was Sookies first love and real relationship. He will always be special to her. However, people don’t always end up with their first love. Also,many viewers are Eric/Sookie fans. Personally, I feel that Eric and Sookie are better suited for each other. Each person is entitled to his or her own opinion. I don’t believe Bill and Sookie are soulmates. That just my opinion. None of us really know who Sookie will or won’t end up with. Maybe she won’t choose anyone.

    • Hi Caitlin,

      I guess I find it hard to see how Eric and Sookie are better suited based on what we have seen in the show so far. Torturing your friend (Lafayette) is not a quality I find appealing in a partner and I don’t think Sookie would approve either. It seems you are basing your judgment on the books and as Alan and Charlaine stated they are two different mediums and we cannot discriminate Bill based on stuff that has not occur. Even after reading the books and looking between the lines and understanding the difficult situations that Bill was placed in my heart is still is for him. JIMO

      Also you may not believe Bill and Sookie are soulmates but what matters is that Alan does and that is what attracted him to the books with their trials and tribulations. Even Charlaine emphasized that these are two separate mediums and as such I personally don’t think it is fair people persecute Bill on incidences that haven’t occurred. Up to now there is nothing appealing in Eric as a partner while Bill has shown many times over how much he loves her. 🙂

      • SELENE

        of course that Bill has demonstrated that it is better partner that Eric in True Blood!!!,if Alan Ball has taken all parts of the books where Eric saves Sookie’s life and have been attributed to Bill, for heaven’s sake! even when we have to do this injustice to the character of Eric!!! in this show!


    Bill and Sookie soulmates???? are you kidding me Allan Ball???…
    Sometimes I wonder if Alan Ball even remembers what he says, last year on October he quoted this about Eric and Sookie being fated so It must be heads or tales on the day they write the “fated script”
    Alan Ball quoted: “Eric and Sookie may not be together in season 3, but “of course they’re going to come together, it’s fated. It’s not something that’s going to happen right off the bat.”
    So curious when he’ll change his mind again

    • All AB confirmed is that he’ll be following the books in regards to the Eric/Sookie ‘ship. That does NOT mean that Eric and Sookie are meant to be… He finds Bill and Sookie well matched, as does a good portion of the fan contingency.