VIDEO: True Blood Men Photo Shoot in DETAILS

April 22, 2010 by  

People just can’t get enough of  True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten in DETAILS Magazine. E!News takes us behind the scenes at another look at the DETAILS Magazine photo shoot as we see the men hard at work and play. Enjoy!

  • Ckayed

    Fabulous little clip – we Trubies are so lucky to have such hot and talented men on the show – and that includes Sam Trammell and Nelsan Ellis too!

    • Nia

      You are so very right Ckayed, Jaxx, and pbt!!!

      TB has the most handsome and talented men!! We are so fortunate to have them (most drool worthy).
      I also agree that Sam and Nelson should have been included. I do not understand why they leave them out. Oh well, I look forward to seeing them all very soon as S3 approaches.

      BTW, I would have loved the job of rubbing oil on Stephens chest!
      WHERE DO I SIGN UP?????

  • pbt

    Yes, I am looking forward to all the new “blood” that has been added to the show this upcoming season. Plenty of talented and yes, good looking actors and actresses. There will be plenty of drama and sex. Love all the the attention too, Jaxx. So well deserved. And that Vman Cover is to die for.


  • jaxx

    Lovely, I’m glad our TB men are getting so much attention.

    I really wish they would showcase Nelsan Ellis and Sam Trammell more though. Now with the “weres” being added, hold on tight. True Blood has to be the show with the hottest guys on it right now. YAY for us!!! (Oh, and gals too for the men.)