VIDEO: True Blood’s Sam Trammell on Jimmy Kimmel Live

June 5, 2010 by  

Last night True Blood‘s Sam Trammell appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show promoting season 3 of True Blood premiering on HBO on Sunday, June 13, 2010.  It is always a treat to watch the cast on these talk shows.

  • Antonio

    Thanks It was nice to see this i had missed it. I like Sam’s sense of humor and his intelligence. Can hardly wait to see the new season! Its gonna be Awesome!!

  • lizzie

    Thanks Adore Bill! That was a nice interview. I reckon Sam should have been on the Details Mag shoot, as he is not a bad looking guy!

    pbt – TB Hottie Stephen Moyer will be on Chelsea Lately on the 10th, so you kind of got your wish!

  • Alona

    Oh Sam, sweet, darlin’ adorable Sam! He’s actually the reason I got interested in this show to begin with (before I realized what an AWSUM show this was with or without the gorgeous cast!!)
    And then I discovered Eric, and now Sam is the icing on the cake for each episode I watch and drool over my Viking!!!
    And pbt, I agree, I hope we see more of the TB cast in interviews in the coming weeks… Even if we get no Alex I’d still like to see others in interviews 🙂 luv them all!!!

  • pbt

    Love Sam Trammel. He looked great and of course that awesome sense of humor shines through. I hope all of the True Blood Hotties will be doing interviews this week. A girl can hope right? For the Viking to make an appearance.