VIDEO: True Blood Season 3 Episode 3.04 – 9 Crimes Recap

July 12, 2010 by  

HBO has released the recap video of Episode 3.04, “9 Crimes” where we review the heartbreaking scene of Bill and Sookie‘s phone conversation, Tara‘s strange dilemma, Eric‘s lies and Bill‘s difficult circumstances. Enjoy!

Ep. 28: 9 Crimes – Recap
  • ashley

    I agree w/you Ollie..well said.. (=

  • rugby82

    Great Episode!!!!
    i really liked it.
    Many characters’s masks are falling.
    Loved how Sookie is growing…she is sooo a teeager right now..and Alcide and his sister’s comment about love and relationship were so true….Sookie will be devastated by Bill, but she will become a great woman…many people are badly hurt from first love, but then they always move on…
    Bill is dark….i supposed that the 35 years he spent maybe with the Queen he did even worst things than eat alive a streapper….he had to do it?well yeah maybe…but in the end everyone has a choice.
    I felt bad for Pam, she really seemed to not know why the V was there wich means it was a trap but someone…becouse all the blood were at Lafayette’s!!!
    But she is right…Bill did sell them…and i think it’s not a coincidence that the Magister magically appear after Bill’s big mouth revealed about The Queen and Eric….
    Eric liar?why?he knows that Bill could be behind this and God, if my child was in danger i would kill for helping him!!!no doubt about that!!!
    And are u so sure that Eric is selling REAL V?mmmmm…not, not at all…not after Godric’s lines about the sacred blood.

    • Rugby what are you talking about of course Eric was selling the V! He had Lafayette selling for him and then he told Pam to make sure Lafayette moved it. The Queen told Eric herself to make sure he got rid of the stuff and Bill confronted Eric for selling V! Bill’s storyline has nothing to do with selling V. Pam blurted out his name to protect herself and Eric and he went ahead and agreed saying he was gathering proof. He wasn’t gathering proof. Pam called Eric when they were getting raided and they were probably tipped off to the Magistrar by Russell. As for the V they found there was no indication it was planted. It could have been still their stash and if it wasn’t mostly logically it would have been Russell’s people to implicate Eric and the Queen. I think you need to rewatch some of the episodes from season 2. 🙂