VIDEO: True Blood Season 3 Minisode: Eric And Pam

April 27, 2010 by  

As promised by HBO here is first minisode that will provide a bridge between season 2 and season 3.Β  In this first minisode we see Eric Northman and Vampire Pam in Fangtasia auditioning dancers where we meet Yvetta and both Eric and Pam take a shine to her, but Eric claims her as his.Β  You will really enjoy watching this video and it will definitely feed your hunger for True Blood.

  • annm

    So far, of the 3 minisodes out there, this is the best!! I laugh everytime I watch it. The other minisodes have been good but not this entertaining. Pam and Eric have such chemistry.

  • diaantje73

    some one told me Yvetta is likely a werewolf well i wonder if its true??!

    • jaxx

      I’m think Yvetta is more along the lines of a witch, but we’ll see.

  • Antonio

    BTW that greeting she said is Russian for Good Evening I believe…I am not well versed in the language but i do know a few words.

    • Antonio

      If russian gals look like her then damn! sign me up to work at Fangtasia Full Time! Sorry Sam but you have enough help there anyway! LOL

      • lizzie

        She is Czechoslovakian (or former) and it is the same greeting which is used in many Slovakian countries.

  • Antonio

    I just watched this on my pc WHOA! Yvetta Is HOTTTT! So Is Pam! This was So Cool as are Pam & Eric! So much fun!
    I’m looking forward to More Pam and Eric! We could have had a bit more of this for the Last couple of Episodes of S2 IF we didnt have SO much maryann as an actress she was Not bad looking
    but her character’s storyline went on for Far Too long!
    I was hoping that TB would bring in some more sexy gals
    Yvetta,Janice and Crystal Hmmmm Also have Pam-cake Oh Yeah Baby! Jessica Sookie Tara So Many Hot babes What’s Sookie’s BF name again?? LOL πŸ™‚

    • lizzie

      Sookie’s boyfriend is named BILL, Antonio.

      • Antonio

        As if i could forget? LOL Bill is Cool But if i were to choose between Him Or Yvetta He would LOSE! Of course if we could work out some kind of a deal where he could bite me Well maybe Id put her off for 10 minutes ….Just Kidding! Or Was I? LOL

  • missyella

    Yikes I cannot access it in England, apparently HBO copyright has it blocked here help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jaxx

      Missyella, did you try or or even google it???

  • val

    So perfect! It keeps our waiting much easier! LOVE Eric- this is a vampire version of “American Idol”! SO Pam and Eric-can’t wait for June 13th!!

  • JANE


  • I soooo love theme!!!!i was doing a very important thing actually…ahahah^^btw Bont Temps has his heroes even without him…ahahahah^^
    So love Pam, hope fpr much more action between them and between Pam and Sookie as in the books, they are good friends and i adore them!!!!!

    Soory to ask, but i’m not american, could please someone explain how this minisodes works?
    I mean, can i see them on HBO fo free or not?
    sorry to ask!!!

    • Hi Mony,

      The minisodes will be posted online on via Yahoo (as this one was made first exclusively to Yahoo) or on HBO’s website or HBO’s YouTube Channel and as well as broadcasted on HBO after the season 2 encore presentation on HBO starting May 2. These minisodes were written by Alan Ball and are little “filler episodes” to bridge the gap between the ending of season 2 and the beginning of season 3.

      • thanks XD
        sadly most of Eurpoe cannot watch it becouse of some international restrictions but i will try on yahoo and see if it works!!!for example this promo right now is unvailable for Italy and other countries…so sad!Hope for Yahoo^

        • Northgal

          Argh. Canadians are blocked from watching the video too…yet season starts on HBO Canada same time, same date. I guess I have to wait until Sunday too.

          • Hi Northgal,

            I changed it out with HBO’s YouTube channel’s post and now you can watch it. πŸ™‚

  • diaantje

    OMG!!! lmaoo this was so damn funny!! love it !!

  • lizzie

    I think we know what Eric was doing whilst Bill and Sam saved Bon Temps!!

    This is a very funny clip. I loved the way they both said “hello” in unison!

    • jaxx

      Yep, typical Eric style. Love it. And, we all thought it would be something profound. lol.

    • Nia

      OMG I am still ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
      That was hilarious. I loved Eric and Pam in this. To to to much fun!!

      Eric and Yvetta……should be verrrrrry interesting!!!!!
      Cannot wait!!

      • Antonio

        Hi Isis Nia I agree This was just So much fun! Cant wait to see More of Eric & Yvetta perhaps even Pam & Yvetta? Whoa!
        LOL HBO really knows how to keep us fans satisfied! More V! Give us More…or must We go to Lafayette as did Jason?? LMAO
        Now ONLY 40 days Wow!! Bring it on!! GO Team TB!!

        side note 57 days until TL Eclipse!!
        Vampire Summer Bring it on Babe!! πŸ™‚

    • LOL, when I heard them do that, all I could really hear in my head was a rendition of the infamous Animaniacs’ “Helloooooooooo, NURSE!” coming from Eric and Pam!

      • Nia

        You are so right on that one Isis. I can just hear it now.
        Too funny! I am still LOL

        Thanks for bringing this to us so quickly AdoreBill!!

        Team True Blood!!

        • Hi Nia,

          So good to hear from you! πŸ™‚ You are most welcome and yes I thought the minisode was hilarious. It really does kind of help fill the void till season 3 returns. I can’t wait to see the other ones that are going to come out! πŸ™‚

  • larinhastar

    I love it. Eric does need to make out with someone, right? Yvetta is nice enough.
    Also, the look on his face while the candidates make fools of themselves is priceless.
    Oh, gosh. Waiting sucks. At least they gave us some Eric fix this time. πŸ˜‰

  • karin

    that was terrific. got my juices flowing.

  • veruca

    HILARIOUS! I was laughing hysterically at the pathetic dancers and Eric’s reactions. And his banter with Pam at the end… hee hee. Brilliant. And again, love the tracksuit/flip flops.

    • Antonio


  • jaxx

    Love it, love it, love it. True Eric and Pam style. Love the expressions and Eric tilting his head back out of boredom, UNTIL Yvetta walks in. Could Yvetta end up being the woman scorned at the end of S3 who casts an amnesia spell on Eric???? Stay tuned. LOL.

    • annm

      Interesting idea, the whole spell thing and Yvetta. I can’t wait to see Yvetta and Eric in action. I did see posted somewhere that Alex said he had a nude scene with a guy? I wonder who that is going to be. Someone on the posts suggested Bill but I can’t see that happening. Maybe Bill and Sam because of thier blood tie now but I can’t think of who it could be with Eric unless it’s Layfette. Any ideas?

      • jaxx

        I’m wondering if it’s not with Eric and Godric in a flashback.

        • annm

          I didn’t think about that because they did give the impression that they may have been more than just “maker’ and “child”. It also makes sense because Eric expressed so much love for him before Godric waited for the sun. I remember months ago reading about how much the fans loved Godric and the possibility of him being in flashbacks. I bet your right.

          • Antonio

            You’re probably right,Jaxx it would be interesting to see more backstory on the eric-godric relationship.