VIDEO: True Blood Season 3 Scenes in HBO 2010 Promo

April 13, 2010 by  

During the encore presentation of season 2 of True Blood on Sunday night, HBO aired their new 2010 promo featuring their various programs including our beloved True Blood.  Below is the official HBO 2010 promo with screencaps of scene from season 3.  The images flash by so quickly you can miss some and the other reason we present the screencaps is we know you want to savor the scenes with Bill Compton, Sookie Stackhouse, Eric Northman, vampire Jessica and the others.  Enjoy!

  • Amy

    OMG is that tara attacking sookie?

  • jay

    looks like jessica is feeling bills pain when he gets strangled with the chain!

    • Hi Jay,

      Good observation, I was thinking the same thing. Now I don’t know if this was ever established or it is something new that Alan created that the sire can feel its maker in pain. That said can they feel it when their maker is in ecstasy as in the case when Bill and Sookie are together. 😉 Things to contemplate if they are establishing this concept. 🙂

    • Amy

      I agree good observation jae. Never thought of that. Def makes sense. But I also think it might be because she knows Hoyt left those flowers for her on bills porch. She prob feels so guilty for rebelling and making out with that trucker. damn…she’s going through so much for a young vampire. I hope she stays with Eric and Pam until Bill returns.

  • Arianna

    Is that the queen in that scene with Eric?

    • jaxx

      It doesn’t look like QSA, new pole dancer Yvetta? I was hoping she’d be a witch but looks like she’s a vamp. Was there a stripper pole in S1 at Fangtasia or did they just add it this year??? I don’t think so, but can’t remember.

      • jgn

        No, it’s definitely the queen. I’d recognise Evan Rachel Wood anywhere, she’s so pretty.

  • Antonio

    Does anyone know which episode they are up to now? I know that some of the principle cast have been off for a bit (I’m glad they work So hard) Have they cast everyone they wanted to?
    And 1 final question Where will the season 3 premiere party be?
    In Los Angeles? New York? Will there be some coverage of the premiere on HBO or Access Hollywood?

    • Hi Antonio,

      I believe they should be shooting either episode 6 or 7 now. As for the season 3 premiere party, I believe they will have one since they had one each year and it would make sense they would do it again this year just don’t quote me on that. 🙂 Where? Most likely L.A. It will probably be covered by the big photo agencies if they have on and some of the media outlets I would think.

  • Antonio

    I didnt see this. Only 60 days to go!