VIDEO: True Blood Season 3 Spoiler HBO Promo

March 14, 2010 by  

HBO aired a new True Blood Season 3 promo clip and Twitter user IfYou_WantLove also was able to put up a montage of the True Blood screencaps to give us a sense of things to come in season 3.  So enjoy the photos and the video and let the speculations begin.  Many thanks to IfYou_WantLove for posting these screencaps.

SOURCE:  IfYou_WantLove

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  • ashley

    Jaxx i think you are right..because you can see in the picture of sookie shes wearing the purple dress..i bet she went to fangtasia right after bill came up missing to ask eric for help or something..and then as you can see there is a pic of eric at the bottom left w/his shirt off it looks like so i bet you are right!!

  • veruca

    So awesome. How is it I never before noticed Fangtasia’s stripper pole? Though since there is supposed to be a ‘plaything’ that’s a vamp stripper (I think) it makes sense. And yum that shirt on Eric! It definitely looks like Sookie is in the Lafayette Dungeon of Wheeley Doom in her bit, and probably the ‘plaything’ or Pam walking up the stairs. And Jessica!! So awesome! God, is it 3 months from now yet?

    • jaxx

      I agree. I never saw the stripper pole there before but maybe they just added it. I’ll have to rewatch (again) parts of Season 1 to see if it was there all along.

      I think Sookie will catch Eric in the “act” with Yvetta in the first episode in the dungen. By the look on her face, I can just imagine what she walked in on.

      Oh boy, should be good!!!

  • val

    JUNE 13th hurry hurry!!!!!

  • lee

    Yes, jessica jessica…she’s definately spinning out of control and with bill “missing” who would be there to stop her…

  • Louise

    Fab Fab Fab! Someone slow doen that shot of Eric!!!!!!!!! Hot! Looks like its picking up directly from where we left off. I now have a theory!

  • Danielle

    not bad per say just making bad choices she is most likely torn up about Hoytt and not thinking clearly

  • Loleaf

    OH MY GOD!!… Just want to scream everytime we get these little tidbits thrown at us, we need sooo much more!! Come on HBO give us just a small(maybe about 5 mins or so lol) sneak peek of Season 3 and we will try to be satisfied until the season starts (can’t promise anything though).. 🙂 All of our favs look so good this season.. HBO is getting geared up to open up our candy store again… eye candy that is! Yum Yum!! LOL

  • jaxx

    How exciting!! I’ll take anything at this point. Eric looks marvelous as always. Thank you HBO for fixing Bill’s hair and getting rid of the pasty skin color. Much more attractive. I think we’re going to see more promos as S2 airs starting March 21st.

    I thought Debbie Pelt had been cast???

    Can’t wait.

  • Antonio

    At This Point Its nice to have Something,huh? This really Isnt a trailer for TB per say, Its more of a promo for what will air on HBO this summer, I guess. Its nice to see. Wonder when the real trailer for season 3 will air? I’ve heard they are up to Ep.7 and As far as I know they have Not cast Debbie Pelt yet!
    I’d like to see and hear more about whats going on on the sets of TB. More interviews maybe some behind-the-scenes tidbits Always like to hear about Those! Wow Just about 3 months now,huh? Can hardly wait! Go TB!! 🙂

  • Amy

    Yess bring on season 3!! 🙂 Sooo excited.

    I loved Sookie’s facial expression because I know there will be so much drama. The suspense is killing me. I noticed she is in the same dress when Bill proposed to her. So I wonder if she went to see Eric for his assistance in finding bill. Maybe thats Yvetta walking up the stairs? LoL oh man my imagination is spiraling out of control. We finally got a glipse of Eric/Alex in fangtasia looking perfect as always. And I must admit Bill looks handsome too.

  • Reza in StL

    Am I the only one to whom it looks like Jess is dragging the body into SOOKIE’S house? I so hope it’s actually the Compton house. It would be insane if she tried to take the body to Sookie.

    • That’s what I thought too! It’s definitely the Compton house, and I’m wondering if that’s the trucker Jessica was with when Hoyt came over to apologize… Imagine the tension between those two in Season 3!

  • truebloodfan

    omg so cant wait now

  • Tara

    OMG, did anyone else see Jessica pulling a body into the Compton house? I guess there will be more Bad Jessica to come…