VIDEO: True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: Hoyt & Summer Clip

July 29, 2010 by  

This new clip from the next episode of True Blood was released today by HBO. In it, the girl who Hoyt went out with in a previous episode, Summer, comes over to his house. She takes a chance and tells Hoyt that she likes him. Luckily for Hoyt, a friend joins in on the conversation before he has a chance to reply to Summer. Though we know that Hoyt and Jessica are broken up, do you think Hoyt‘s ready for a new girlfriend?

A HUGE thank you to BLT & Associates and HBO for sending this video to us!

Ep. 31: Clip – Hoyt and Summer
  • diana posey

    the spoilers ive seen recently posted on here have already been on tv. let’s have some REAL spoilers.thanks

    • LOL We posted the spoiler before the episode played on Sunday night. As to more spoilers we will put up what Alan and the other actors provide, but paparazzi or unauthorized stuff that HBO does not sanction we do not post here. 🙂