VIDEO: True Blood Season 3 “Waiting Sucks” Promo with Bill

April 19, 2010 by  

This past Sunday HBO presented True Blood fans another “waiting sucks” promo of season 3 this time featuring Bill Compton. Examining it closely you hear someone screaming “my ear, my ear” and Bill responding with “Who’s next” as blood drips from his mouth.  These HBO‘s promos truly emphasize that “waiting sucks” for the return of season 3 of True Blood on Sunday, June 13, 2010.

Season 3 In Production: Bill


  • Sharon Jagger

    I know AB said recently that in this season, Bill is going to be a total Bad Ass. I can’t wait. I love Bill, and find him most compelling when he is showing his dark side. I just love a bad ass

  • ida

    Love it 🙂 Cant Wait !!!
    Wonder who´s / What´s laying ther ? That shirt does not look like the one hi had when hi was taken . So i think hi must somehow escaped and run in to Russel maybe hunted ?
    The old woman scene i think maybe is a flashback .
    True blood is the best 🙂 .

  • Merciless Ink

    Wow this clip felt a lot shorter than when I first saw it last night. They really really only give you just a little “taste”. HBO’s such a tease haha. =D

  • Nia

    Hi AdoreBill, thanks for posting the promo with Bill!!

    It has been a long wait to see what is happening with him. As short as these promos always are, it is definitely showing us that Bill has quite a lot to contend with.
    Actually these short promos are brilliant! They cause us to speculate till we are blue in the face…LOL
    I love it.

    Here is just an idea:

    It is possible that Bill escaped after he was abducted drained and tortured, his “proposal clothes ripped and bloody, he happened upon a house in the woods with an old woman who thinks he is her son.
    She gives him some of her sons clothing (thus the different shirt from the one he was wearing when he proposed). He leaves and runs in to his abductors who were looking for him. They fight and Bill bites off the ear of one of them, and is ready to go after the other.
    Russell just happens upon him, on his horse, dressed for hunting, and takes Bill back to his palace.

    Whether his abductors had taken him close to the kings estates by accident or on purpose is a good question. We will have to wait and see.
    It will be interesting to see what others make of this!

    Thanks again AdoreBill!!

    Team True Blood!!!!!

    • OMG Nia that is fabulous speculating! Yes you are right because we did see in one promo Bill out in the woods without a shirt and now we see him here with a shirt bloody and the horse that we know the King was riding in the woods.

      It makes it so hard to wait to till the start of season 3 to begin as we want to know the answers now! 🙂

      • lizzie

        Agree Nia and Adore Bill! I think this is the best speculation! Isn’t it exciting! We have our first Bill tease and what a tease it is! The best for last, imo, as AB has not been giving much away irt to Bill, is he??

        • Nia

          Absolutely Lizzie!!
          I love being teased by Bill !!! wink wink!!

      • Nia

        Thanks AdoreBill !!!

        This really is fun and EXASPERATING!! LOL.
        All this teasing… will be fin to actually see Alan B’s vision and how close we came in our spectulations.

        Waiting waiting waiting……………..