Video: True Blood Season 4 Teaser Released!

March 8, 2011 by  

Season 4 – Season of the Witch

As we announced previously, HBO had a surprise for True Blood fans approximately 15 minutes before the premiere of the final season of Big Love aired on January 16 at 9 pm. The surprise was the first True Blood Season 4 video teaser! Coming in at 27 seconds, it promises that the new season of True Blood will be the season of the witch.

Considering the paths True Blood has taken in previous seasons, which have included several murders, a menacing maenad, and a missing vampire (or two), the promise of witches is a bit… foreboding. Of course, we also know that a few witches have already been cast, like Marnie and Daisy.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t provide any new hints beyond what we already know, but it’s pretty cool looking. Check out the video below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

SOURCE: HBO’s Youtube Account —True Blood: Season 4 Tease (HBO)

Edited by: Isis Nocturne

  • jaxx

    OMG, that was the teaser HBO released. Unless I missed something, I didn’t see much of anything. HBO you’re killing me here. 5 more long months.

  • loleaf

    God I’m so ready for season 4!!! Watching that stupid teaser with just words made my heart go pitter patter!!! 🙂 I’ve got it bad! LOL!

  • Antonio

    Shouldnt the primary focus be on Eric…His amnesia,his being cursed,his sexual relationship with Sookie?? The Witches were only a Secondary storyline in the book.

    • Antonio, True Blood wasn’t called The Sookie Stackhouse Show for a reason. 😉 AB can do whatever he wants and can focus on whatever he wants to in the show.

      • Summer

        Isis, although Alan Ball has the blessings of Charlaine Harris to do as he wishes with the series, we must remember that if it weren’t for the books, we wouldn’t have TrueBlood and all the characters we’ve come to love. I think AB will incorporate everything that is necessary in a very exciting way, so all we can do is just sit back and enjoy both creations.

        • Antonio

          Agreed. IMO though because of the Sam and his Weird family storyline,much was diverted away from Sookie and her search for Bill…not to mention Hardly enough Alcide! Again This Just My Opinion.

  • wanner

    yeahhh….definitely teasing!!
    make my days going as slow as a snail….!!

  • That was definitely a tease right!?

    • val

      Hard to tell eh??!! Jeez give us some meat with our potatoes!