VIDEO: True Blood’s Stephen, Alex and Ryan Are On The Sexiest Men List

November 7, 2009 by  

Alexander-Skarsgard-True-Blood-Sexy-ListTrue Blood‘s Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten have been included in this year’s People’s Magazine “100 Sexy Men In 1 Minute Sexiest Man Alive Video.”  The video shows Alex at the 20 second mark, Ryan at the 39 second mark and Stephen at the 1 minute mark.  Good to see our True Blood men represented but they left out a few of our other good looking men from True Blood such as Sam, Nelsan, Todd, Jim and Michael.

  • antonio

    BTW as for Sexiest Man Alive…It should be Either Stephen OR Alex…Perhaps for the 1st time they can share this award?

  • Danielle

    yay for our true blood men!

  • Did they make the Sexiest Man of 2009 magazine already? Or just the video so far? Does that mean the first person they show in the video is the cover guy?

    • Just for the video so far. The People magazine list is set for Nov. 20, but check the magazine before buying. I remember last year Stephen was in the video but was not in the magazine (very disappointing). So before you buy it make sure he is in it .

  • Lizzie

    Stephen did go past very quickly! Unfortunately my computer froze at Alex – would rather it be Bill, but hec! Our boys on the list! Wow!! I don;t know if we get People mag here in Australia – will have to check out newsagents!

  • Nia

    Congratulations to all our SEXY men of True Blood. Stephen, Alex and Ryan!!!!! You are the best!
    I will be gettng my copy of people today!

  • jaxx

    Nice, I’m going out to get People tomorrow. Yeah!!!

  • pbartteacher

    People magazine, just figured out what all of us Truebies have already known. Alex, Ryan and Stephen are the hottest actors on the planet. Congrats to all three of our “lovers”. Our v-ddiction will continue in about 215 days.

    • val

      That long huh?!? Damn I can’t believe my NEED to see ALEX/ERIC it’s kinda embarrassing!

      • pbartteacher

        That’s OK Val, there are alot of us out there who are Skarsaholics. Yes, that is a real word. The actual date for Season Three has not been released I used a mid June date to calculate. It actually could be sooner or later. Congrats to all of our True Blood hotties.

        • antonio

          Does That mean You All have been “Skarsgarded”? Does it also mean that We who are on Team Bill have been “Stephenated”? And others Who are Team Sam have been “Trammelltized”? as it was suggested in a recent article here? We All have Our favorites I suppose. It’s Cool that People Mag took notice! True Blood Is the Hottest Show on TV right now in addition to being a growing pop phenomenon! Congrats to All These TB Guys!
          I think what’s nice about these guys is that they are intelligent,professional and passionate about their work.
          The focus remains on the show and their work They value the fans,too So Its Not Just About Them! I Like That! 🙂

          • pbartteacher

            Yes. Antonio, Skarsaholics, Stephenated and Trammelized its all good. Our guys are getting the recognition that they so deserve. I agree that all three could share the number #1 spot in our hearts. Feel the love Alex, Stephen and Sam. Truebies forever!

          • jaxx

            LOl Antonio. Yes we all have our favorites but that’s what nice about this show, something for everyone. We love you guys.

          • val

            I like that wording! It makes me feel like I just can’t help myself-its a wonderful addiction!!!

      • Danielle

        I agree with you Val I’m also an Eric Addict

  • There All Good….Now Stephen is “1” of course…James McAvoy..Johnny Depp..Gerard Butler are my favorites…Sexy bunch!!

  • BillsNumberOneFan

    Dammit, Stephen went by so fast I could barely see him, and I was looking HARD. Damn those guys.