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Bill-Compton-season2The vampire phenomena. Who’s the top of the top for this generation and why? E! online recently held the poll and you’ll be surprised to find out how True Blood‘s vampires fared.

At number ten was Ian Somerhalder in The CW‘s Vampire Diaries. Many of you are familiar with him as his current character Damon Salvatore but, did you also know he tried out for HBO‘s hit, True Blood. He stated in an interview earlier this year that though he tried his best but, he just couldn’t convince Alan Ball that he was the guy for Jason Stackhouse.

Number nine is Ashley Greene, who auditioned five times for the novel turned movie hit”Twilight” series.  Though she didn’t get the part of Bella, which she originally auditioned for, she was good enough to keep around. She ended up as Edward Cullen’s sweet sister, Alice.

Number eight is an oldie but goody. The original romantic involvement between vampire and human was introduced in Joss Whedon’s hit show, Buffy:  The Vampire Slayer. A spin off of the movie with the same name, David Boreanaz as Buffy‘s love interest, Angel. Though he was 12 years older than Sarah Michelle Gellar, their on screen chemistry made for a solid fanbase following that spawned over 60 websites following the series, and the spin off of Angel, based on the post Angel, Buffy days.

Number 7 is none other than the southern sweetheart we have all come to adore, Bill Compton.  Stephen Moyer originally sent in his audition tape from London and was immediately flown out to Los Angeles the next day getting the part. His off screen romance with Anna Paquin (who plays Sookie Stackhouse) is felt on screen as well, and only adds to True Blood‘s already addicting story. So amazing is the show, that it had an amazing 2nd season reception. The first episode caught 3.7 million viewers attention, the most for HBO since The Soprano‘s season finale.

Number 6 comes from a cult classic film, From Dusk Till Dawn. Though Salma Hayek’s presence was only felt for part of the film, her most famous scene garnered male attention everywhere as Santanico Pandemonium. Her famous dance was actually improvised, and when asked, Salma Hayek said that once she got rid of her fear of snakes, the reptile actually helped her with her seductive dance scene.

Before 300, he was Dracula 2000. Who am I ever referring to? Gerard Butler but of course. Though Wes Cravens film wasn’t received well by critics, the film sparked an interest in the up and coming actor, who only gained more fame with the film 300.

Next up was the anomaly known as Blade. Though originally Denzel Washington and Laurence Fishburne were considered for the role, Wesley Snipes nailed it and used his real life martial arts skills to play the half human half vampire role.  The first film made over 130 million dollars and spawned two sequels and a tv show. More than that, it cemented its part in Vampire Lore forever.

Number 3 was the vivacious and lovely Kate Beckinsale, who played the lead in Underworld. Though she’ll be remembered for making leather outfits forever sexy, it was also her ass kicking role that put her in E’s top 3 countdown.

Bill-EricNumber 2 is Bill Compton’s polar opposite Eric, played by Alexander Skarsgard. If Bill is a southern sweetheart, than Eric is a Viking bad boy. As any female fan of True Blood can attest, both characters are more than enough of a reason to tune in to HBO‘s hit show every Sunday.

Number one is even more popular then ever. Robert Pattinson‘s Twilight character, Edward Cullen, is only upping his female fan base with the recent release of New Moon. The producers of the movie hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Originally in the novels, Edward only appears so often. Talk to any fan and they say that this is one time they’re glad the movie differs from the book. With two more movies scheduled to be released, Robert Pattinson’s character isn’t going to fade in the sunlight anytime soon.

So why the ongoing vampire addiction? Is it the carnal and primal nature that hides in us all that attracts us to this craze? Is it the seductiveness and mystery surrounding vampires that has helped shows like True Blood gain so much popularity? Anne Rice gives us a little hint when she says that vampires resemble the outcast in us all, and that there is so much you can do with the myth of them. This is definitely seen in the variation of the vampires picked above. Take it from the Queen of vampire literature, or just use your own reasons. Vampires embody something for all of us to love. With the ever changing roles and personalities, they all have something we can relate to. With this being said our craving for more won’t soon be vanquished!

Many thanks to Michi for putting the video up on Youtube!

SOURCE: E! Channel

  • Val

    Again they left out Henry Fitzroy from Bloodties-he should at least get an honerable mention!

  • Antonio

    Number 1 should have been Stephen Moyer OR Alex Skarsgard NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!! I suppose that RPatz could have been in the top 5 maybe. There should be more than just 10! No mention of Bela Lugosi? Boris Karloff? Christopher Lee? No Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise? Antonio Banderas? David Boreanis as angel?
    Jonathan Frid as Barnabis Collins? Gary Oldman??
    So Many

    • BillsNumberOneFan

      Excuse me, David Boreanaz was 8th. And what’s the deal with them saying Angel was only on for 4 seasons. It was 5, HELLOOOOO.

      • Well, what can we say? The people at E! are only talking to 14 year old girls instead of all of us… And I really shouldn’t say that, since a couple of my neighbors both work at E! and they’d take offense…

        But seriously, you’d think there were some REAL vampire fans over at the E! Network anyways… I guess not, though.

  • Where is Brad Pitt from Interview With The Vampire??? My all time fave is still Michael from The Lost Boys…sexiest vampire movie of all time =]

  • Rathomus

    Well,in my opinion;if your going to refer to moves from a while back,why not put the best of the best? Surely Tom Cruise and or Brad Pitt deserve a spot…

  • I’m sorry, but Rob Pattinson is NOT the sexiest vampire! Personally, I’d have preferred to see Bill as #1, and that vampire from Van Helsing in his spot.

    • Antonio

      I Agree completely! ASkars Buries Rpatz No Doubt about That!!
      Both Stephen Moyer And Sam Trammell are Better than Rpatz!!
      Not to mention Kate Beckinsale and those ultra sexy female vampires from Van Helsing. Angie Everhardt in Bordello of Blood..Wow! Gary Oldman in the ’93 remake of Course David Boreanaz All of these Beat Rpatz…But I suppose to a teenage girl He’s the one. Go Figure! 🙂