Video: True Blood’s Fiona Shaw Directs an Opera

November 4, 2011 by  

Marnie on The Marriage of Figaro:

Fiona Shaw as MarnieFiona Shaw, whom some Truebies may know as Marnie the witch in HBO’s True Blood, has also had a notable role in the Harry Potter films, playing Harry’s dreadful Aunt Petunia. But what a lot of us may not know is that she has gained much attention from her roles in Beckett and Brecht and is a recipient of three Olivier awards. Now she is broadening her horizons by directing a highly famous opera entitled The Marriage of Figaro at the English National Opera in London.

On the play, Shaw said:

“It’s a very simple structure on one hand and then it becomes incredibly complicated.”

The play’s plot is very simple: we as the audience follow a day in a guy’s life where he’s trying to marry the love of his life but his boss is trying to stop him so he can be with the guy’s fiancée.

On her muggle role in Harry Potter versus her magical witch role on True Blood:

“I’ve got various groups of people who either live in terror or are delighted by me.”

Hey Truebies, for more info on Fiona Shaw’s play, check out the video below!

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Photo Credit: HBO