VIDEO: True Blood’s Sarah Newlin Talks Nudity

August 13, 2014 by  

Anna Camp Talks to Conan O’Brien About Awkward Broadway Nudity:

Anna Camp stars as Sarah Newlin in HBO's True BloodRecently Anna Camp (who plays Hep-V antidote Sarah Newlin in HBO’s True Blood Season 7) chatted to Conan O’Brien about nudity – in particular, acting and being nude in front of your parents. True Blood is notorious for the amount of flesh it displays in each episode, that goes without saying, but how do you react to your parents watching your work on a show like True Blood? For Anna, it was the orgy scenes in Season 2 that got her grandmother to stop watching, but, for her parents, who had already seen her naked on stage before, it wasn’t so much of a big deal to them.

But what if people are bringing binoculars and whipping out cameras when you are performing naked on stage? How does one ever prepare themselves for that sort of exposure? Check out the video below to find out what Anna Camp thinks about this issue:

Source: Team Coco – Anna Camp’s Awkward Broadway Nudity

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)