Video: True Scare from True Blood Star Stephen Moyer!

April 18, 2011 by  

Stephen Moyer practicing for Toyota race.

During the recent celebrity car race Stephen Moyer, True Blood’s Vampire Bill Compton, flipped his car while going around a very tight curve. The good news: He’s fine. The better news: He withdrew from the race the next day. No matter how good the special effects are on True Blood they couldn’t have made up for any serious injuries but luckily, Stephen walked away after the shake up.  According to PR News Stephen said:

“While I’m disappointed I won’t be racing today, I know it’s in the best interest of my ‘True Blood’ family,” said Moyer. “I look forward to cheering on my fellow racers and following all the race-day action.”

Personally I’m very impressed with the lack of outburst within the car when he flipped. Take a deep breath before you watch this, it’s pretty .. you know, scary!



Credit: Access Hollywood PR Newswire

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, Stephen only withdrew from the race because he was told by HBO whilst at the track that he would not be racing!

    They would not change he filming schedule and he was on set til 0630 in the morning that had to race only after an hour sleep.

    Even though he had lack of sleep Stephen managed to get the coveted ‘pole’ position and won the $15,000 cheque for his charity.

    What a MAN!

    Shame on you HBO for treating your leading man this way – you should have supported him in his filming scheduling and encouraged his win – because he would have won that race! Stephen has supported the show in every way so you could have done the same.