VIDEOS: EyeCon’s True Blood Convention Blood Donor Drive

November 14, 2009 by  

Todd-Lowe-True-Blood-ConventionEyeCon’s True Blood Convention this weekend is full of fun-filled events for the fans but they haven’t forgotten to take the time to deal will a serious matter:  Blood.  The need for blood is always in demand across the nation and blood drives held provide the much needed blood supplies to tend to the thousands daily who are sick or injured.  The EyeCon True Blood Convention is holding a blood donor drive and both the True Blood cast and attendees are rolling up their sleeves to help out.  Each person who gives blood will get a True Blood t-shirt that says “Local Hero:  Tru-Blood Saves Lives.”

To see another clip of Todd giving blood and giving a public announcement click here.

  • Now, see that’s a really good thing to do…Give Blood..Cept, I Can’t, well I can…but it is really hard for them to get a vein!! Once they tried both arms, Nothing..Next time They got half a bag! They don’t call me anymore..They said”You’ll never bleed to death!” Geez, thanks! A vampire would have to work very hard to get my Blood!! Anyways…Giving blood is a very honorable thing to do..And you should..IF you can!!! (As you already know..)