VIDEOS: Stephen Moyer on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

March 6, 2010 by  

As we mentioned before True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer was in the UK where he made a guest appearance on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross which aired last night.  Fortunately we didn’t have to wait long for the video to appear online to watch Stephen charm the audience with his sense of humor.  Stephen discusses on the show True Blood, his character Bill Compton, vampires and brought his fangs along to show the audience.  As always Stephen is a fantastic guest on any talk show and a joy to watch!  Enjoy!

  • Thank you again, Adore Bill! What can I say!! This man rocks!! He is looking more and more gorgeous with each photo!!! He is so funny and I do hope he gets a chance to go on Michael Ball’s chat show, especially as he will be doing a duet with Michael!

    Did you notice that when Jonathon was asking Stephen about his engagement to Anna, he asked if they would be getting married as a lot of people get engaged during the life of the show and then break up. Stephen had that confused look and said that of course they were getting married and his look said “What are you!” for thinking they were not for real! Jonathon wanting to know when the wedding was on and Stephen saying that he would not tell as it would be publicised and then not be a private affair!

    What a guy!! So funny! So witty! So gorgeous!Si photogenic!!

    • Hi Lizzie!

      LOL OMG I was thinking the exact same thing! When Jonathan said that I noticed that look too and wondered what did it mean, what was Stephen thinking at that moment? So funny! Just love Stephen in his interviews. He is always so fun, charming, and down-to-earth! Such a great guy! 🙂

    • Nia

      Hi AdoreBill and Lizzie!!!

      I don’t know how many more times I can possibly say how much I am impressed and enamoured with this amazing man.

      Funny, charming and gorgeous as sin. He just glamoures everyone around him.

      His impression of a dissed 14 year old girl was spot on and funnier than anything. I was LMAO. He is truly a master of accents.

      I hope he does more interviews, he is just so entertaining and always wins over the audience.

      I can just hear his kids talking to their friends at schol, “yeah my dad was in a lady Gaga sandwich”!!!!!!!!!!
      Still LMAO with that one!!!!

      Love you Stephen!!!!

      Thanks AdoreBill for posting the interview!!!

      • Hi Nia! Just love that man!!!

        • Nia

          You are so right on that one Lizzie!!
          I have watched this interview 5 times already and never tire of looking at him and listening to him.
          So gorgeous, smart, witty and with a sense of humor?? A rare find!

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