VIDEOS: True Blood at the 2009 SCREAM Awards

October 28, 2009 by  

True -Blood-SCREAM-Awards-WinIf you missed watching last night’s Spike TV’s 2009 SCREAM Awards then you missed watching the cast of True Blood walking up the stage and accepting their awards.  Well you almost missed it.  Here are a few clips from last night’s award show as the whole cast was thrilled at winning the awards.  As always they were gracious and showed how much of a close “family” they have all become.  A funny point in one of the videos was when during Alan‘s speech a group of women scream “We love you Stephen!” and everybody’s enthusiastic response particularly Anna‘s.  It was great to watch the whole cast having so much fun with each other that those few moments helped feed the True Blood withdrawal many are feeling.  Enjoy the videos!  The videos are slow loading so please be patient.

True Blood Wins Best TV Show | SpikeTV |

Stephen Moyer Best Horror Actor | SpikeTV |


  • Antonio

    Looking back now, I find it hard to believe,Now that another award season has come to a close,That the Scream Awards were The ONLY Ones to recognize their talent And hard work!! I cannot believe that Mad Men beat them out Again!! Several nominations No wins Hard to believe They all work So hard! Steph should have won More Sam & Alex should have,too! Anna,Deborah ann?
    What’s wrong with these awards people? Well the Emmy’s are coming up later in the year perhaps then? If not these people Are winners in Our book,Right?? GO Team True Blood!!
    Perhaps we should have Our own TB cheerleaders? Compton,Compton He’s our man if He cant Do it…We’ll call Eric!
    LOL 🙂

  • Antonio

    It looks like This awards show was the ONLY one to recognize their talent and fine work on the show! Much of the cast attended some of the other “award” shows and lost out to “Other” shows or were hardly nominated! The whole cast and crew does such a fine job and the writing is good,too! Its hard to believe that Stephen Moyer wasnt even nominated for a golden globe Or PCA!! Alex,Ryan Nelsan I suppose that those people who vote for these shows Must not like shows that make you think and feel as well as entertain! Award season is just about done and Nothing for TB?? Well They are All winners to us fans!

  • Lizzie 1701

    Wonderful clips! Yes, those crazed Stephen fans yelling “We love you Stephen”! How wonderful! Did you see how Anna held Stephen’s hand when TB was called and on stage? So cute! A good win by all!! Will have to look at the props in S3!

  • Annathalia Nalapraya

    I saw the Scream Awards particularly when Anna won best horror actress, she didn’t have much to say except how “surprising of a matchmaker Alan is”! Not sure if those are the exact words. But pretty much along those lines =P

    • BillsNumberOneFan

      Does that mean that Stephen said the same thing? Cause he made a “matchmaking” comment, too.

      • Annathalia Nalapraya

        Hmm, actually you might be right. It might be Stephen who said it not Anna. Sorry about that ^^” it was late.

  • val

    Alex looked so amazing-what a great vid!!!

    • Options

      Val, I second that emotion!! lol 🙂

  • BillsNumberOneFan

    I thought it was so funny when Sam went up to speak and Alexander did the squealy hand motions behind him. That was just priceless! And I’m so glad you posted the Alexander Skarsgard part. I missed that. How come you didn’t get the Anna Paquin part. She did win for best horror actress, didn’t she?

    • Hi BillsNumberOneFan! I did look everywhere for one with Anna winning her award but didn’t find one. Perhaps by tomorrow someone will have it up and I will add it to the rest of the videos here. 🙂 Didn’t forget about her at all though I am surprised that the Spike TV site did not include the video of Anna’s win as well. Don’t worry I will hunt it down. 🙂

      • BillsNumberOneFan

        Awesome. 😀 Although, I will say that I am just happy to look at Stephen Moyer all day long. Does anyone have any idea why he was using a cane when he went up onstage?

        • antonio

          He had surgery on his knee. A torn miniscus I think they said.
          He injured it playing with his kids. according latest reports he seems to doing better Thank goodness!