VIDEOS: True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard at the Emmy Roundtable

May 25, 2010 by  

True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard had the opportunity to join Lost’s Matthew Fox, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, Men of a Certain Age’s Ray Romano and White Collar’s Matt Bomer recently and participate in the Emmy Roundtable organized by The Hollywood Reporter. Below are the videos of the discussion.

  • Alona

    LOL I think it’s hilarious how some of you Bill fans (one in particular which I won’t name!) always pretend to compliment Alex even though your comments sound demeaning towards him. I’m a huge Eric/Alex fan but even before I discovered him, I already hated Bill… sry u guys but he’s just to ‘cliché’ for me! Anyway, I still LOVE Stephen Moyer and think he’s an absolute stand up guy! I mean, what’s not to love… he’s funny and cute and he’s BRITISH for chrissake!! 😉 But it makes me sad when I read the comments from his fans that talk badly about Alexander and in a way, it actually makes me dislike STEPHEN which I DON’T like.. so shame on you guys for making me kinda dislike Stephen!!!
    If you haven’t got anything nice to say about Alex, than don’t say anything at all!! Just cuz I like Eric more than Bill, I don’t go around and comment on every single article there is about Bill, saying how much cooler and hotter Eric is… that’s just childish!!!
    I have to agree with EroLuv that to me some of you Bill fans just seem so bitter that Alex is getting so much attention in the media while it seems to me most of the media attention Stephen gets is from when he’s seen with Anna (because Hollywood luuuvs famous couples!) Again, don’t lynch me… I still love them both and I think they belong together. But don’t forget, this media attention Alex is getting is not only because he’s doing a great job on True Blood… but also because he did a SPECTACULAR job on Generation Kill!! It was by far the best portrayal of an American soldier I have ever seen and many agree with me… and HE’S SWEDISH!! People also luv him cuz he’s proven that he has actually got talent and isn’t getting these parts because he’s a Skarsgård, but because he’s actually good!

    Phew, that was quite a rant… I just had to get this off my chest cuz I love reading what other Alex/Eric fans have to say but it just breaks my heart when I read what some of you Bill fans have to say about ALEX!! don’t really care what you have to say about Eric… he’s fictional! But Alex is a PERSON and I actually think Stephen would be disappointed in his fans if he knew what you were saying about his friend!! Obviously, in my opinion, he TOTALLY deserved to be at the roundtable, just as much as Stephen deserved it. Maybe Stephen was busy with his family so he couldn’t do it??… Stop dissing on ALEX!!!
    Thanks go out to those who actually bothered to read this whole thing!!

    • Alona

      I’m going to follow this by saying that I realize this goes both ways as I’ve seen a few Eric fans saying that Bill is downright disgusting and things like that, and that makes me sooo angry! I personally would never say ANYTHING like that about Bill or Stephen. As I’m sure Alex would be furious at his fans for saying such things!!!

      • lizzie

        Yet you said you “hated” Bill on your previous post.

        Hi Alona. I neither like or dislike Eric – he has an important role to play on the show. Alex seems nice in interviews etc.He and his character just don’t do it for me in the “wow! I’m in love or lust” factor. Everyone has different tastes. I think what it all boils down to are ‘rabid’ fans who rubbish other fans, actors or characters on lots of sites, and try and convert them to their way of thinking. I particularly dislike the “If you read the books” syndrome, when it comes to Bill. I read the books, or some of them (not my cup of tea) and I still liked Bill.

        Anyhow, I am sure we will meet again on the threads, Lets all feel good and await eagerly for S3 to start in under a fortnight! So much speculation and info coming out! Each day will bring more angst!!

        Go True Blood!

        • Alona

          Sorry, ‘Hated’ was maybe a too strong word, but when I saw his character the first time I really didn’t like him.. then when I started watching the series he kinda grew on me.. and then I liked him even more when I got to know Stephen from his interviews. But I still don’t ‘LIKE’ him, I should have said… I guess I just tolerate him. (And I just mean the character… still love Stephen!! cannot stress that enough!!!)
          I should have also said that this rant of mine was not in particular to the comments that have been made to the ‘Roundtable’ article… but to all Alexander articles, and shots that are taken at his acting in some comments.
          I get that some of you dislike Eric, and some of you couldn’t care less, and I don’t really care about what is said about the character even though it does sometimes piss me off.. but I won’t say anything about that!! My main frustration was the comments that are being made on Alex’s acting and personality. I love him dearly and think he’s so charming just the way he is. (I’m Icelandic so maybe that’s why I so drawn to him, being a Scandinavian)
          I hope this post doesn’t seem as hostile as the one before… I just had so much built up frustration from having read so many comments and it was late in the evening and even now as I read through my post from last night… I can’t believe it was actually me who wrote those things :/ I’m usually such a discreet and shy person!! I guess I just erupted like a volcano from all the frustration…

    • jaxx

      Nicely said on both accounts Alona. We try to be respectful here whenever possible and yes, it should not only go both ways but to ALL the actors involved in this great show!!

      As a fellow Eric lover and TB fan, welcome to the site and look forward to future discussions regarding S3 episodes. 😀

    • pbt

      Welcome Alona. I don’t know you but I believe we share the same brain and sentiments. I love all the actors on the show. I can’t say I enjoy all the characters.

      Yes, Eric is a handful and is spectacularly played by Alexander Skarsgard. You will find we are always having debates about True Blood. And for the most part, we agree to disagree about most things when referencing Eric and William Compton.

      Thanks for standing up for the Viking and Alexander Skarsgard.

    • Hi Alona,

      As the site administrator and editor of the site welcome to the site. As Jaxx mentioned we try to remain respectful to each other and of course we have our favorites, but we all have to be reminded it is an ensemble show. As for your comment I’m glad you left a second response for I personally felt that your statement about bashing Alex was incorrect. I personally felt EroLuv’s comment rude for stating that “Bill fans” seem bitter.

      It was just a statement of truth that it seemed odd to many that for this Emmy roundtable, which was for lead drama actors, that Stephen was not there and that Alex was. Nothing was said rudely about his acting and no one is. Alex does a wonderful job as Eric, but the facts remain that the Eric character is always listed as a supporting character and when it comes to awards Alex is always listed under Supporting Actor, not Lead Actor. In True Blood, Stephen has been nominated and also won, as I stated in my post previously, as Best (Lead) Male Actor. Therefore is seemed strange that Alex was asked to participate in the Lead Actor round table. Had it been the Emmy roundtable for Best Supporting Actors on TV shows no one would argue that point for Alex does a great job playing Eric.

      So again no one was bashing Alex or Eric or his acting just questioning his inclusion in the Emmy roundtable for Lead Actors. Perhaps Stephen couldn’t make it and Alex filled in the spot to represent True Blood. Perhaps the interviewer should have begun the video with the introduction of the roundtable before starting the video with questions which would have prevented the confusion.

    • Nia

      It is perfectly fine to have your opinion on the matter of Bill and Eric. This is a True Blood forum and not everyone will have the same opinion let alone the same favorite. This is a topic that has been hashed over many times before, but because you seem new, as are a few others, it seems that we have to go over it again for your benefit.

      I have been posting here for well over a year now. I am familiar with many of the regulars. Jaxx, pbt, Lizzie, Isis, AdoreBill (moderator), Antonio…
      We have had our disagreements, joked and laughed. It is always good to have a healthy debate as long as it remains civil and with respect for one another, the moderators, the show and ALL the fine actors.

      And I will tell you a little bit of my experience since I started here. This was the first sight I ever posted on. I was immediately glamoured by Bill/Stephen that first time he walked into Merlottes and pierced us with the “look”. I was then completely enamoured by ALL THINGS True Blood. Yes, Bill just happens to be my favorite, that will never change, no matter what. What you find cliche’, many of us find incredibly romantic. Different opinions.

      One mans trash is another mans riches…… coin a phrase.

      So when I first came here it was with great anticipation to share and discuss this new love and obsession for this incredibly innovative show. I was as a child, looking forward to years of great fun with True Blood.

      You say you HATE Bill because of what you claim to have read Bill lovers say about Eric. Thats sadly laughable because it was the Eric lovers that started it long ago in the first season because Bill was prominant, and Alan Ball chose to make Bills character the way he did.

      First, as a Bill fan, I will tell you I never hated Eric. NEVER! He is as necessary to the show as I felt Bill is. When I first started reading some posts (well over a year ago), I was so incredibly shocked at the nasty, berating, derogatory, and insulting comments I saw about Bill that had intentionally spilled over to Stephen Moyer himself.

      The name calling I saw was the worst kind of childish, immature behavior hell bent on destroying our vision of what we felt was a story of true love, albeit star crossed love. It was this type of attitude that made me WANT to dislike Eric, even when I knew that it was wrong. If only others felt this way, that it is wrong to instigate hatred, then we would not have to waste our time with posts like this and focus on fun speculation, this wonderful show and love and support for all the amazing actors.

      ****Just to be clear, I have the highest respect for Alex as I do Stephen. Both their film/tv credits are extensive (I have seen Alex’s, have you seen Stephens??). And yes they are extremely good friends (smart men both).
      Alex is the perfect Eric just as Stephen is the perfect Bill. Kudoes to amazing casting.

      I have commented on how much I disliked mnay of Eric’s displayed qualities on the show but that does not mean I cannot emjoy him as well for what his character is. (I especially enjoy his humor).
      I have also commented on Bills dark side. Yes we all know that Bill has a dark side too.

      What I eventually saw after reading all the books, and yes I have read ALL the books, is that some Eric lovers hated Bill because he was in the first seasons so much….HELLO… is not the first 2 books about Sookie and Bill?? Does not the show follow the books fairly well, with some changes?? Why so much anger then??

      As to the changes, I happen to support Alan Ball, in all he does, and will always continue to do so even if my favorite is not shown in the best light. Because it is with great gratitude and respect to Alan Ball that we have this show at all.

      So I have felt that all the negative commments I have read were unfounded and tended to ruin the experience for so many others, which is really a terrible shame. Perhaps some felt it necessary to make others unhappy because they are unhappy. That is what is truly sad.

      As we all know, in the next seasons, Eric/Alex will now play a bigger role (yet still supporting till shown otherwise, just stating a fact). I welcome it and look forward to it and the drama that will be created. I will still post my feelings on his character and qualities that I find reprehensible, but I will also comment on the good that we may see develop in him plus I am sure he will still occasionaly make me laugh.

      I know that I will not be berating him unjustly and unfairly as was treated Bill/Stephen in the last year. I hope that as we progress into the future, we all stay true to the show, the actors and Alan Ball. Otherwise we may not have a show at all..
      Wouldn’t it be nice if others felt this way?

      As to the topic of Alex at the Emmy round table. The fans of Stephen are of course dismayed and curious as to why Stephen was not there when it seemed to be an event for lead males (if the situation was reversed, I guarantee you, you would feel the same (if it is felt that he is there as the new face of TB, then so be it). That is all. Since Stephen has, till now, been billed as lead male, is listed 2nd in the TB credits, and has had with these last two seasons, the most screen time, it seemed odd.

      If you have been following the cast and events since the beginning, you may remember Paley Fest last year when the Alex and Ryan both jokingly commented that they were originally trying out for the part of Bill. Because it was Bill’s character that Alan Ball chose as the lead. Just the way it is.

      So in closing, my hopes go to ALL the fine actors and the show for many nominations and wins in the awards season to come. But I also hope for peace in True Blood land as well as the Middle East (for any here who know me, I will always try to find a way to make a little joke, after all laughing is the best medicine for what ails you!)

      To AdoreBil, I hope that I did not overstep any bounds here. But I felt the need to share my feelings as well.

      Team True Blood!!!!!

  • HellzBellz

    Skarsgard has garnered the critical acclaim more than Moyer I believe. But agree both are good. And I don’t believe they have nominated yet for Season 2. Emmys are in August. So the Round Table makes sense.

    • I think I need to correct you. To say “Skarsgard has garnered the critical acclaim more than Moyer” is subjective and basically is a slap in the face of Stephen’s accomplishment.

      Both men won in their categories Stephen won for BEST HORROR ACTOR at the SCREAM awards and nominated BEST ACTOR ON TELEVISION for the Saturn Awards along with having the honor of presenting at the Emmy Awards.

      While Alex won for BEST VILLAIN at the SCREAM awards and nominated for BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR ON TELEVISION for the Saturn Awards.

      Just wanted to set the record straight.

      • lizzie

        Thanks, Adore Bill, for setting this right. I guess Stephen was the big buzz last year due to TB being shown for the first time on tele, and as Alex is more or less the new guy on the block, he is getting noticed this year and next year it will be someone else. That is the way it goes.

        • Nia

          Yes I agree Lizzie!!
          Kudoes to you AdoreBill for keeping things in perspective.

          • Hi Nia and Lizzie,

            Thank you so much for the compliment but I just felt the comment was subjective and needed to be presented with hard facts to show the true picture. 🙂

    • pbt

      I agree Hellzbellz that both men are phenomenal in their own right. All of our Truebies are so deserving of recognition. On this occasion it was Alexander who had the opportunity. Good on you Alex for taking up the banner for all of True Blood.

      I have no idea about when the Emmy nominations occur but I do know that packages have been sent out with True Blood Season Two materials. I believe I read that on one of the many TB sites out there.

      I am sure that Stephan was very happy that Alex was asked. These two are good friends and support each others projects. Speaking of projects, I read yesterday that “Straw Dogs” is set to be released August 13th and “Priest” is set to be released August 20th. A whole year sooner than previously published (Straw Dogs).

      That is good news for all us Truebies. I am sure that the producers and the directors for both projects are trying to capitalize on the popularity of True Blood. And us True Blood fans are the ones who benefit.

      Less that two weeks until the Season Three premiere. Woohoo!

      BTW, HellzBellz love your on-line name. ACDC rocks!

  • lizzie

    Agree Isis. Until we see S3 we can only speculate. Alex being invited to the Emmy’s Roundtable based his future performance in S3 & 4 is illogical seeing the Emmys are for the 2009 season!

    • pbt

      It’s possible I suppose that Alex’s invitation was based on his appearances in Season Two. Episodes like: Scratches, Timebomb and I Will Rise Up were some of the best of the season. Of course this is only my opinion and speculation but I know there are many critics out there who would agree.

      BTW, less than two weeks. Wohooo. Truebies unite.

  • pbt

    Jaxx you are so right about the sense of humor in these clips. And let’s face it, ASkars’ sex appeal just exudes from every pore of his tight Swedish body.

    Kudos to all the Emmy round table Hotties! And especially to the Viking Vampire Sheriff, Eric Northman aka Alexander Skarsgard.

  • lizzie

    Maybe names were put in a hat and his was taken out. There is a lot of promotional stuff going around and I think all the cast have to share the load. Alex gets this one and someone else gets another. Way of the world.

  • pbt

    I luckily picked up my Details magazine several weeks ago. It was the last Alexander cover they had. Plenty of Stephen and Ryan. Must be a locational “thing”.

    Send me your address I will mail you one. LOL. BTW, the VMan cover shoot and magazine is awesome too of Alexander. For those that have not seen this magazine, it really is quite nice. Good paper stock and slick printing. The photographs are top quality and of course the articles are well written too.

    So glad Alexander was asked to the Emmy round table. It was quite an honor to see him with the likes of Bill Cranston and Jon Hamm. Though I will admit with his smile and good looks it was hard to listen to anyone else. Were there other actors there?

    I think perhaps ASkars was asked because of his ever increasing screen time and story lines in Seasons Three and Four. Plus let’s face it, he really does quite well in the acting department. Kudos to you Alexander Skarsgard!

    Go Truebies.

  • jaxx

    Loved the interview, loved Alex’s playful answers and that gorgeous smile of his. Alex is knocking on the door. With the storylines of S3 and 4, he will have more and more screen time and storyline. And, he has a huge following.

    Can AB write a part for Matthew Fox on TB??? Love him.

    • LOL, I could have sworn that Matthew said no more acting now that LOST is done… Or was that someone else? Personally, I’d love to see Nestor (Richard) or Michael (Ben Linus) join the cast of True Blood!

      • jaxx

        I agree Isis. I liked Richard and swore he wore mascara, but the writers said no. Michael Emerson has stated before he’d like a part on TB, even if he’s just a cab driver (his words). I’d love to see him play Charles Terwinger (sp?) the bartender from the books but I’m sure they could place him somewhere.

        Go TB Hotties. S3 is almost here.

        • Actually, Nestor talked about the whole eyelashes thing on Jimmy Kimmel (I can’t believe I watched him just to see the Lost stuff)… Nestor said that he was in line at some store with his wife, and a guy in line near them made the comment “Oh wow, they’re real”. Nestor thought the other guy in line was referring to his wife’s chest, but then noticed the guy looking at him… 😀

          As for Michael, I just adore him! I’m not sure why, but I do know that Ben Linus was always one of my favorite characters…

        • Sean

          I can totally see Richard on TB. He could portray a vampire bartendering in Fangtasia.

      • Sean

        Yea I saw in some interview Matthew said he was done with tv. He just wants to be a movie star now.

  • lizzie

    Aren’t the others leading men from their respective shows? So why Alex? Good on him, but thought Stephen the better choice.

    Also, re the Details magazine, thought Ryan the best of the three!

    Also, I have heard from numerous posters that the Stephen covers were the quickest to go, so don’t know who did the voting for the NY whatever. Just seems strange.

    Anyhow, he did do well on the Round table, so good luck to him.

    • In response to your first question, I have NO idea why that is, but I was on the True Blood facebook page yesterday, and one of the fan pics shows the lead vampires from several shows, but Eric instead of Bill. In the image, Mick St. John (Moonlight) asks Eric about it, since he’s not the lead of the show, but the Eric character replies that he’s hotter. (I disagree, but you know that already…)

      As for Details magazine, I STILL can’t get my hands on a copy of the Stephen Moyer cover! I’ve been trying since they came out, but only one local store got any Stephen covers, and by the time I made it over, there were none left!

      • Nia

        I agree with you both. I do not understand why Stephen was not among the lead actors at the round table.
        Granted Alex will have more screen time as the seasons progress, but he is not billed as the lead actor.
        It makes no sense.

        Isis, I had gone to 4 stores looking for Details mags with Stephen. In each instance there were plenty of the other covers but only a few of Stephen. Needles to say that thanks to me, there were no Stephen left.

        • XD Do you have ANY idea how much I’d love you if you’d get a copy over to me? LOL, I mean I adore you already, but getting a copy of that magazine would be SO awesome! Seriously, ONLY ONE STORE in my area got the Stephen covers, and they only got TWO!!! Every other place had TONS of Alex and Ryan! *cries* I WANT MY STEVE! LOL

          • Nia

            Hi Isis,

            I am so sorry, no Bill/Stephen lover should go without a copy. I have sent copies to several lovely ladies in Europe who could also not get them. And I am pretty sure I can get a hold of one more copy. I know someone who has an extra.
            So please feel free to e-mail me!!


          • Ok, sent you an email.

  • Antonio

    Alex Skarsgard aka A.Skars Is a very talented actor and a Cool guy too! I think I like him more since seing his performance as Eric Northman in S2! In 2 of my Favorite episodes, Timebomb and I Will Rise Up, Alex’s Eric was funny,kind, agreeable, protective, loyal Everything I would have wanted to see in him!
    He smiled a lot more and there were times when Both he and Moyer seemed to be at ease with each other performing their respective roles! I think that “Timebomb” is probably My Favorite among the episodes of S2 even though IWRU,Scratches and Keep This Party Going were good,too!
    ONLY 18 DAYS LEFT till the S3 premiere WOW!!

  • Sean

    I love seeing something new with him. I’m so excited. I’m sweating 😉

  • EricLuv

    Right up there with the MAJOR stars where he belongs.

    He also was voted as one of the “best photos” from his Details Mag spread by the New York magazine×48061

    • And yet, Stephen Moyer is the MALE LEAD of the show… For that mere fact, HE should have been at the Emmy Roundtable.

      • EroLuv

        NO! He is NOT the male lead … lol. I know you Bill lovers WANT to believe he is but he is just one of many.

        He was NOT invited. Deal with it. If you WATCH the video the man clearly states the all the men invited are considered “The face of their show (paraphrasing)

        You Bill people are so bitter. Its really sad

        • I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. First, the show IS an ensemble cast, but it does revolve around Sookie, and through her, everyone else. That makes Bill the lead male character, as he’s her boyfriend, and the only one she has so far. Other than that, everything is speculation as Season 3 won’t start until the 13th.