VIDEOS: True Blood Episode 3.04 – “9 Crimes” Promos

June 28, 2010 by  

True Blood fans will have to wait 2 weeks to see Episode 3.04 – “9 Crimes” due to the 4th of July holidays.  However in the meantime, enjoy these TWO different sneak peek promos for the next episode and by the looks of it everyone is going to be wondering what is going on!  True Blood returns to HBO on July 11th. ENJOY!

  • Aiyo

    Oh and it’s about damn time Lafayette gets to get his sexy on with Jesus. Can’t wait for some of that.

  • Aiyo

    OMG I so can’t wait OMG OMG OMG! I am so happy Pam is getting mor3e screen time I hope we get to see her origin story of how Eric turned her and all love to see how they adpated it from book to screen.

    And OMG Tara and Franklin! Tara thought she could just hit it and quit it but Franklin was having none of that. Vampire Bride? Dude is crazy but smexy and Tara looked really pretty in that white dress.

    Why in the neck twisitng hell do we have to wait 2 weeks?

    • annm

      I think it’s a two week wait because of the 4th holiday. It made me mad too because I don’t remember but one break like that last season.

  • Patrick

    I heard the second promo is from episode 5 and was mistakenly released.

  • Melanie

    I also think it’s Pam he’s trying to save. Wow – doesn’t really look like it’s going to go down like in the book but I can handle that – what I can’t handle is not know and not seeing anything for two weeks!

  • Danielle

    it looks like he’s trying to save Pam in my opinion but who knows

  • jaxx

    OMG, 2 great promos. My head is going to explode waiting for 2 more weeks!!! LOL. Tara, vampire bride?? Bill won’t help Tara?? Or will he??? Is Jason blackmailing Andy to be a cop? Who’s in the black hood like the grim reaper??? Sookie in a short black wig and a strip tease dancer?? What is Franklin going to do with Tara?? Eric running down the stairs to save Sookie???

    I love this show!!!!

    • Arianna

      I’m almost positive it’s Pam. In the first promo after the king says killing a vampire is punishable by death, what does Bill say? I can’t make it out.

      • annm

        I think it’s Pam that is being tortured and Eric is running down the steps to save Pam. It looks like his basement and I have read in a magazine they were shooting a scene in the basement with Eric, Pam, Sophie Ann and the Magistrate. My theory is the Magistrate caught Pam with V or he has figured out that it’s Eric and he is torturing Pam for either seeing her with it or to get Eric to confess. I can totally see Sophie Ann standing by while someone is being tortured for her crime and also throwing both Eric and Pam under the bus to save her own tail. I hope they do not kill Pam off because the show just wouldn’t be the same without her and Eric together.
        As far as the King talking about killing a vampire, who knows. So far the only person we know that killed or tried to kill a vamp is Bill. I would love it if Eric killed Sophie Ann in a rage because of Pam being tortured but he isn’t that stupid and impulsive. Bill is but not Eric.
        I am very intrigued with the person in the reaper cape and also the blue glow of light. I have no clue about those two aspects but it really sucks we have to wait two weeks for it!!

        • jaxx

          I watched it again. Yep, you’re all right. It does look like Pam, not Sookie.

        • jaxx

          Do you think the person in the cape is a witch??? Do you think they’re going to start introducing them so early??

        • Arianna

          I don’t know about the caped figure but if I had to guess I would say that the glowly energy thing came from sookie, I guess we’ll see.

          • jaxx

            Just had a thought. Maybe it’s Claudine. Remember from the books, whenver Sookie was in great danger, Claudine (her real fairy godmother) would come and save her. I heard they casted Claudine. Anyone??

          • annm

            To Arianna,

            (I love your name!!)
            I think you are right about Sookie and the blue energy thing. You can see her avoiding someone in a previous clip and then it looks like the same room when the blue stuff happens.

            To Jaxx,

            First of all thanks for the support on the Beautifully Broken reveiw. I really wish folks would not get so personal and insulting because it ruins the fun for everyone.

            Second, You and I certainly think alot alike, I thought about Claudine in the cape too. They did say she was going to be introduced this season. I do wonder how they will go about it.

          • jaxx

            annm, You are so welcome!! 😀 You had my back last week about the whole Nazi misunderstanding, so thanks to you too. 🙂

            We are all passionate about this show and sometimes it gets the best of us. This is a good site though and we pretty much all get along, although we all have had our moments, myself included. LOL. I just try not to take it too seriously. After all, it is just a tv show. (But I really do love it!)

            And, yes, I can tell by our previous posts that we do think a lot a like. Always good to know. 🙂