VIDEOS: True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis Playing Vampire Baseball

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Nelsan Ellis who portrays the flamboyant short-order cook, Lafayette Reynolds, on Alan Ball hit HBO TV series True Blood joined other celebrities including cast members from Twilight in the “Twilight FanTrips’ Vampire Baseball Cajun-Style game at the Zephyr Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday, March 20 , 2010.

Fortunately someone finally put up video clips of Nelsan play at the games so we can all enjoy seeing him participating in a worthy cause.

Many thanks to femmeacadienne for posting these on YouTube. All us True Blood fans are grateful to you! Enjoy!

Nelsan gets a hit.

Nelsan on first base.

Nelsan runs to second base.

Nelsan trying to steal third base.

Nelsan in the outfield.

Nelsan gives a shout out to True Blood fans.

SOURCE: femmeacadienne on YouTube

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  • Katra

    Wow! How uncool of the video uploader to rename everything with a watermark of sorts in the title. It seems like the poster of the video isn’t respecting how many True Blood fans are out here and how not all of us go to the same sites to see videos!

    Plus, the Nelsan video, which I watched earlier, is now a PRIVATE video? It was a shoutout to ALL True Blood fans! WHY is it now private? This isn’t fair to the rest of us fans.

    • Hi Katra,

      I’m sorry about that. It is really sad to see someone making the video private when it was a shout out to all the True Blood fans, thanking them for supporting the show.

      I will paraphrase the best I can what Nelsan said. He said,

      What’s up, this is Nelsan Ellis, Lafayette from True Blood thanks for supporting the show.

      We are all here to support this wonderful show True Blood but unfortunately it seems some have lost sight of this.