VIDEOS: True Blood Panel Discussion at Comic-con 2010

July 24, 2010 by‘s very own Isis Nocturne and Janie Logan were lucky enough to attend the True Blood panel discussion and be part of this amazing experience.  What made it even more special was that our very own Isis Nocturne was able to ask Stephen Moyer a question during the panel.  You can hear Isis asking Stephen in the last video (Part 5) at the 6:32 mark a question dealing with the evolution of the Bill character and how that has affected him as an actor.  It is wonderful to hear Stephen respond to her question by stating “great question” before answering.  Lucky girl! Isis we are all so proud of you! Many thanks to ProgGrrl for posting the videos on YouTube. Enjoy!

  • lizzie1701

    Yes, Isis, I know! Now I have proof! lol!

  • Antonio el hombre lobo

    Hi Ollie Thanks for these Great videos! a Big thanks to Isis and Janie!! I’m sure they had a Blast!! It looks like Lots of fun!! I wanted to thank All of You here at TBnet for all your hard work in bringing us All These videos,photos,reports,tweets and stuff!! It really makes me feel like I’m there,too! I’m So happy for the cast & crew!! TB IS My Favorite Show!! 🙂 There’s So much to see and read!! Thanks again!!

  • Loleaf

    Absolutely loved this years comic con video! Stephen is just so comical explaining about taking the Lorena doll home to practice *wink wink*!! Laughed through his whole explanation of what he had to do with the doll at home.. can you imagine Anna walking in on him with that doll!! LOL Also, Anna joking about the question of what was harder to film between the graphic depiction of sex or violence, saying that they had to fake the violence!! This group seems like one big happy family! I can only imagine how much fun Isis is having! Oh and by the way Isis I agree with Lizzie, good question, now we have a voice to go along with the green hair! LOL 😀 Did you keep the hair color for comic con? Bring us back all juicy details! 😉

    • Loleaf… I have 2 colors in my hair besides my natural color… Green on top and purple hiding under it… 😀 And yes, you all now know what my voice sounds like when coming through a speaker system! LOL

      • lizzie1701

        Hey Isis! You sound like an American to me! It is always a surprise to hear someone’s voice when you only know them by the written word!

        • Lizzie, I AM an American! I’m a true Californian, born and bred. 🙂

  • lizzie1701

    Oh! Love that AB thinks he is a rock star at the Con! Stephen’s answer re the twisted sex scene was great. Anna was funny with the “we have to fake the violence” and subsequent response! Isis’ question was great too and Stephen’s response. They were all great!

    • Loleaf

      Talking about great minds thinking alike lizzie!! I posted almost the complete carbon copy of yours. lol time I need to refresh before I post after watching videos! 😉 Shows where are minds are at! *wink wink*.. LOL

      • lizzie1701

        Well, Loleaf, you know what that old saying says “Great minds think alike” – well- we just proved it!

    • Lizzie… Thanks for the compliment! I’m just grateful beyond belief that I was able to make it to the panel (Thanks, Janie!) and that I lucked out enough to even ask my question!

      • Janie Logan

        You’re so welcome! I only wish we could’ve sat together, but I was so excited that you got to ask Stephen a question (and such a good one, too!)

        I only hope that next year the signing and panel are farther apart so we don’t have to stress so much!

        • LOL, Janie, they NEVER are! (I’m positive they do it on purpose too.) But next year, we might have a full TBN Truebie Brigade! 😀 Wouldn’t that be something? LOL

  • lizzie1701

    Thanks Adore Bill! Now I know what Isis sounds like and great question! Stephen answered at great length which was great!

    Didn’t you love how the crowd cheered Stephen and Anna!!! That was great!!!!!! Loved how S/A brought in that cardboard cutout of Alex. Pity they did not have one of Ryan.

    Any how, great Q&A and tell me – why did those people bother to go to the panel if all they wanted to do was get up and go! Space was limited and there would have been tons of fans wanting to come in to see the panel – just a shame!

    Oh, have I ever told anyone how much I love Stephen??? I love him as Stephen and I love him as Bill! Love Stephen and Anna and love Bill and Sookie. There is a god!!!

  • ~ Caitlin

    Thanks so much for the videos!

  • nataka

    Thank you for the great job of getting these videos to us.