VIDEOS: Joe Manganiello on Good Day LA

July 30, 2010 by  

What does the cast of True Blood do when they aren’t on set? Promote True Blood, of course! Joe Manganiello stopped by the set of Good Day LA to give fans some early morning eye candy to start the day.

Joe spent the morning talking about two of his favorite things: Alcide Herveaux and football. The actor talked about his character, werewolf Alcide Herveaux who is employed by Eric Northman to protect Sookie. While he’s trying to keep Sookie safe from danger, he’s also nursing a broken heart; ex-girlfriend Debbie Pelt has not only left him for another werewolf but for a V addiction too.

However, the thing Joe loves to talk about more than his role on True Blood is football. As a high school student, football almost became Joe’s life’s calling until acting stepped in his senior year. Even though he isn’t a pro football player, he still enjoys watching the games, especially when he gets to support his favorite team the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the second part to Joe Manganiello‘s interview with Good Day LA, the actor talks more about his role as Alcide and weres, the newest supes to be introduced into the True Blood world. While fans are trying to figure out who Sookie will end up with, Bill or Eric, the 3rd season seems to have a brought another possible love interest: Alcide. It seems that Alcide and Sookie will be spending a lot of time together this season, and from what fans have seen of the show, there is definitely a chemistry. Joe further talks about his role and what fans can expect to see of the newest were hottie.


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    eh ! cool ! joe manganiello you’re so awesome !!!!! go go team alcide 😀