Vote for Alexander Skarsgard in’s NOW Awards

June 8, 2010 by  

All right, Eric-lovers! Here’s your latest call to action: Alexander Skarsgard has been nominated in the NOW Awards on, and as the name would suggest, it’s honoring what’s hot in television right now!

Alex is competing for his True Blood role in the category of “Best Performance of a Non-Human Character.” He is up against Morena Baccarin as Queen Anna on V, Terry O’Quinn as Locke monster on Lost, and Leonard Nimoy as William Bell on Fringe. These other characters don’t stand a chance against the mighty power of Truebies and their appreciation for Eric.

Voting is open now in this category as well as 9 others, including “Best Ensemble Cast,” “Makes Me Laugh Just by Showing Up,” and more. You can share your choices with your Facebook and Twitter friends by clicking on the icons above the ballot.

Plus, if you click on the News & Updates tab, fans can submit their own categories and nominees. So if you think Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, or any of the other fabulous actors on True Blood deserve an award, there’s a place to get their names considered.

The polls close exactly 1 month from today, so vote now and often to show people that our 1,000-year old Viking vampire can destroy a visiting alien, a smoke monster, and a guy from an alternate reality, any day!


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)

  • lizzie

    Thanks Isis. I did not know you could put in your own nominations. Will give it a go. I am in a dilemna, because I love LOST and FRINGE as well. Also Morena plays her role very well.

  • Alona

    A little random thought on Alex, I was thinking about this today when I was watching TB (for the umpteenth time) and I am so totally amazed at how much Eric looks NOTHING like Alex. And it’s not just the make-up or the hair.. Even when I’m watching GK, I still can’t believe that Iceman is actually the Alex I’ve been watching in interviews and ogling at photos of! Even some of my ALL-TIME favourite actors (Alex is fast becoming one, but I’ve only been a fan for like… 3 weeks maybe!) don’t possess that quality of being able to distinguish themselves so much from their characters! So IMO, he definitely deserves to win all the awards he’s nominated for! GO ALEX!! *does a little cheerleader dance*

  • pbt

    Thanks Janie for the heads up on the award nomination. Already voted today but appears we can vote more than once. That’s great we can make other nominations too.

    Yeah true blood! A mere 5 more days and counting until the v-ddiction continues. And go Viking, kick some alien butt!

  • EricLuv

    Thanks but c’mon. Why would you use a fake photoshopped photo of Alexander when his real body is so “drop dead” delicous …

    Next time use the basement butt shot (kidding)

    Honestly, this photo is so horrible.

    • Sorry you don’t like it, but that’s an HBO promo shot. It’s not a photoshopped picture.

      • Alona

        I think she meant the photo that is next to the link to this article on the front page:) the photo shopped one from the calendar!

        • Ah, I missed that… Thanks for the correction! We’re trying to fix it!