Vote for Bill Compton on True Blood

March 25, 2009 by  

beautiful-billVote for Bill Compton on True Blood for “New TV Characters Who’ve Made An Impression” on  It seems there has been an explosion of polls with either True Blood being nominated as in the “Bravo’s A-List Awards” or a cast member such as in Alexander Skarsgard in the “E! Online Alpha Male Poll.” Either way these polls are a great way for True Blood fans to demonstrate to the masses how large of a following True Blood has and its mass appeal.  Hopefully with all these polls and the strong showing by fans, True Blood receives even more exposure and recognition for being one of the best TV series with the most amazing cast to come out in a long time.

Bill Compton, played by the very talented Stephen Moyer, is one of the characters listed in the poll for the newest character who has made an impression with television audiences. describes Bill Compton as:

“He’ll just as soon suck your hemoglobin for a midnight snack, but unlike many other of his vampire brethren, Bill (Stephen Moyer) can be a good friend too. He’s certainly spry for someone 173 years old — not a wrinkle on him — and his affection for Sookie (Anna Paquin) was something he never expected. Still trying to figure how he can satisfy both his vampire needs without being repelling to humans, Bill is an all right guy. Just be sure not to expose your neck toward him with a “Come get a taste of me” tease.”

Currently it is a very close race between Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton and Patrick Jane from “The Mentalist.” Here is a little trick.  If you clear your cache and cookies you can vote multiple times.

So go out there and vote and remember a vote for Bill Compton is a vote for True Blood.

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