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November 13, 2009 by is running their annual “The Best of 2009 Poll” and True Blood is nominated in several different categories including Show of the Year.  Although there will not be an award show for this one it is another way for True Blood fans to show their love for their favorite show and let everyone know True Blood is one of the best shows on television.  So here are the categories that True Blood has been nominated in:

Under Best in Shows Heading – Show Of The Year

Under Best In Genre Heading – Best Science Fiction, Paranormal

Under Best Characters Heading –

Best Villain, Eric Northman

Best Kiss, Eric and Sookie

So head over to the website and vote as often as you can!


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)

  • ellie;newtabs#p2

    he was leading but those lame skylar hangarounds is voting like 50 people every second. i bet we can beat them if we gather our forces. otherwise its just lame of them. liking skylar. how boring a villain is that, seriously. people.. *sigh*

  • ellie

    hurry up or something and vote on “best villain” over there because there are some crazy “skylar”-people voting over there, which is really annoying because skylar is a boring and utterly lame little conservative rat-villain compared to AWESOME witty, sarcastic, refined, bouillabase BAMF ERIC FCS!!! hurrryy! we just cant loose to a tradtional “hi. i´m. a villain and thats about that. well yeah. ” booring heroes fellow when BAMF vampire-sheriff-viking eric with the grin is on the same list. its pathetic how they can vote that way, they must have never seen true blood, thinking eric is just a hunk or something. ptssch. doesnt have the ability to appreciate his awesomeness, haven´t we?

    • Lizzie 1701

      I don’t know – Sylar is a pretty good villain and I love the actor who portrays him (have met him). Eric is like pompous, self loving, full of self importance, selfish, cunning etc but villain? I did vote for him first time round only to support True Blood, but will have to think seriously if I will vote for him again. It makes it hard if one does not like the character but loves the show. Sorry!!

  • Antonio

    Maybe so. But I gotta admit Sookie And Eric burned up the screen! Their kiss and that whole “sex dream” sequence was Totally Hot!! I certainly would Not watch that scene Anywhere near a smoke detector might set it off!! LMAO 🙂

  • Lizzie 1701

    True Blood is not winning in the Paranormal category! Could not vote for the Eric/Sookie kiss! Bill and Sookie had the best kisses – sorry, but it is true!

  • Antonio

    I voted Several times for each 1! Go True Blood!! GO Team!!
    Go Bill AND Eric!!

  • rugby82

    Eric&Sookie Best Kiss 63%…OH MY GOD!
    they were so intense and perfect….just an anticipation of what we’ll see very soon….^^

    • Loleaf

      I hear ya!! Blood pumping, Heart pounding moments like that in TB gets me EVERY TIME. Felt kinda like a peeping Tom just watching it… NOT!! LOL

    • Val


      • Lizzie 1701

        Actually prefer the Bill and Sookie kiss of Ep1 S2 where he shares her blood in a kiss! That was showing complete intimacy and was real rather than a fantasy kiss with two blondes who looked like brother and sister, IMO! Also, Sookie touched Bill’s fangs when they first were together, so I guess it is part of her curiosity.

        • Antonio

          OK Lizzie I’m trying to recall that particular scene. The only thing that I can recollect is Bill licking blood off of her forhead in S1 episode 2..I found That to be kind of erotic! Shares her blood in a kiss? I guess i have to get my vhs tape out Yet again and review that. I like the action between Bill and Sookie But Her scenes with Eric seem to have that much more intensity? Perhaps because of the sexual tension? I like the scene where after godric dies She comes to comfort him and she traces his fangs with her fingers and then he opens his mouth and his fangs come out and he bites into her! Of Course it was just a dream “sequence” and then she wakes up and Jason is looking at her like she’s a weirdo or something I Love That!!
          I wonder if her “sex dreams” of Eric will continue in S3?
          I know that in S2 episode 2 Ep. #3 Scratches is 1 of my faves BTW Just Love the confrontation between her and Eric! Anyway, in Ep 2 We have that whole “love confession” Where he tells her his deep feelings for her…Soookie Ah Luv Ya! I like that scene very much But sometimes its hard for me to watch If you look really closely and pay attention you can see that they Are Both shedding tears and Steph’s voice gets choked up with emotion! I was Like Wow! They are Both crying here! That moved Me deeply! But I’d like to see more of this Eric-Sookie thing. I know that she could Never love Eric the way she loves Bill But it would cool to see if he tries to take her over or maybe seduce her away from him. I’m sure it would feed his vanity to be able to best Bill here.
          Plus in the upcoming season Weres will be introduced. Will she be “curious” about them?? At this point, I really dont see a relationship with Sam Anymore. Even Mr. Trammell said in a recent interview that Sam has pretty much “given up” on her.
          Who know though? Maybe She May yet wind up with Sam.
          Bill and Eric Are Vampires after All! But then again We do not yet know what Sookie is either!
          You got me curious Now Lizzie about that “shared blood” kiss!
          I’ll have to review it! 🙂

          • Lizzie 1701

            Antonio, That episode that you quoted when Bill and Sookie declare their love is not Ep2 of s2, but ep1 of s2 and right after that scene they make love! First they take of their clothes, then he grabs her ankle and do it on the edge of the bed then the final scene is Bill behind Sookie and she then offers her neck and he bites and then Sookie asks for a kiss and Bill kisses her and blood is seen running down her neck and when he actually kisses her blood runs down her mouth and neck and then she turns her head around in ecstasy it is real cool! How could you miss it!

  • Amy

    i just voted! True blood is def in the lead 🙂