Waiting for Season 3 of True Blood? Here Is Something To Read

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Night PleasuresDear Reader,

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be immortal? To journey through the night stalking vampires that prey on humans? To have unlimited wealth, unlimited power? That is my existence, and it is dark and dangerous. I play hero to the thousands, but am known to none. And I love every minute of it.

Or so I thought until one night when I woke up handcuffed to my worst nightmare: a conservative woman in a button-down shirt. Or in Amanda’s case, one buttoned all the way up to her chin. She’s smart, sexy, witty, and wants nothing to do with the paranormal–in other words, me.

My attraction to Amanda Devereaux goes against everything I stand for. Not to mention the last time I fell in love it cost me not only my human life, but also my very soul. Yet every time I look at her, I find myself wanting to try again. Wanting to believe that love and loyalty do exist. Even more disturbing, I find myself wondering if there’s any way a woman like Amanda can love a man whose battle scars run deep, and whose heart was damaged by a betrayal so savage that he’s not sure it will ever beat again.

This is the blurb on the back of the first book in Sherrilyn Kenyon‘s Dark-Hunter series, Night Pleasures. It introduces the reader to the shadowy world where the Dark-Hunters reside, led by the indomitable Acheron, an 11,000 year old Dark-Hunter. In this book, we meet Kyrian, who was once a prince of Thrace, until he was cruelly betrayed by his own wife.

We also meet Amanda, and the entire clan of Devereauxs, where it appears that Amanda is the calmest and least likely to believe in anything paranormal. When we meet her, Amanda has just broken up with her fiancé, Cliff, because he can’t stand her “crazy” family, and is feeling rather annoyed with everyone, especially her twin Tabitha.

However, when Tabitha asks Amanda to let her dog out while she’s out and Amanda agrees, this minor event leads to Amanda being nabbed, which is the catalyst of the meeting of Kyrian and Amanda. As is common in the romance genre, our hero and heroine don’t really like each other in the beginning, but that changes throughout the book as Kyrian and Amanda get through various obstacles together. It leads to some pretty humorous situations. One of my favorite scenes takes place pretty early on, and involves the first time Kyrian and Amanda kiss. I won’t ruin the punchline here, but believe me when I say that I still giggle just thinking about it!

Of course, the book has some incredibly serious moments too. One of my favorites of those is watching Kyrian get over the event that caused his death. It was obviously highly traumatic, and to see him relive the experience was really moving. A lot of the issues are very similar to what other characters in True Blood go through, just at a different level and in a different place. (Night Pleasures takes place in New Orleans, LA. It just happens to be one of author Sherrilyn Kenyon‘s favorite cities, too.)

Whether in Bon Temps or New Orleans, if you love a good story, especially one with incredibly dynamic main and secondary characters (who you may just find yourself believing actually exist), give Night Pleasures a try while you wait for season 3 of True Blood to return.

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