Warning: The UK Has Been Bitten By True Blood

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bill-sookieTrue Blood is taking a bite out of viewers one country at a time. First it was North America, pulling us in with characters we love and nonstop suspense. Does anybody else hate when the ending comes? It leaves you screaming for more. HBO and director Alan Ball seem to love leaving us each week on a cliffhanger. No doubt about it, the next Sunday we’ll be turning  on the television set to see what kind of trouble Sookie Stackhouse finds herself wrapped up in.

In July, another area of the world got their first bite. FX in Europe began airing the popular HBO series on both Friday and Sunday nights. Guardian.co.uk is one website in the UK that has been blogging each week about spoilers and reviewing the recently viewed episodes. It wasn’t that long ago when The Guardian’s Grace Dent talked about her avid watching of True Blood. Her article gives us five reasons why she can’t seem to get enough. Her first sentence “I thought I didn’t like vampire shows – but one bite of True Blood and I was hooked” hits the nail on the head for a lot of us, myself included. Let’s see what her reasons are for not being able to turn off the television set whenever True Blood is on.

1. She loves it because she’s not supposed to. Some of us can relate to her not really being  into vampires. When we think of vampires, we think of Anne Rice’s characters portrayed by Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. They are dark and mysterious, not necessarily showing a side where they could love someone or be likable themselves. Dent said the only reason she tried True Blood was because of who it was created by, Alan Ball, and his other hits, like Six Feet Under and American Beauty. It’s a good reason. You know of someone’s work and want to check out what else they’ve worked on and done as of late. Like most of us, Dent admits that after the first episode she was trying to find others to tune into the show and follow the story of Sookie Stackhouse. Even the idea that vampires are mainstreaming has embedded itself into her mind – I know that she can’t be the only one who thinks about it from time to time.

2. She loves Bon Temps, Louisiana. Really, who couldn’t love that little town? If you are a big city dweller, then you love the appeal of a smaller town where life isn’t in such a rush. There is no commuter traffic– yes, you envy the fact that it takes Sookie only a few minutes to get to work. The laid back lifestyle is something you crave – to be able to slow down and smell the roses or to stop by Merlotte’s after work would be like heaven. For all the small town folk,  Bon Temps is like home. It’s the city where everybody knows each other and looks out for one another. So when vampires begin to enter Bon Temps, you start to wonder how that would effect your little piece of the world. Don’t lie to yourself; I know you’ve done it because I have. Would your little community turn upside down if Bill Compton, Eric Northman, and all the rest filtered into your city?

3. She loves Bill and Sookie. It’s no surprise she mentioned them as the “it” couple of the series. Even all the Eric/Sookie fans must admit that there is just something cute, adorable, and lovable about Bill and Sookie’s relationship. There is chemistry both on and off the screen that anybody can see – their real-life engagement lock in the idea. Bill Compton is such a gentleman, asking if it’s okay if he calls on Sookie and being polite to everyone in town. To top that off, how he played with Arlene’s kids – that would hold a special place in any girl’s heart. Of course, their relationship isn’t all peaches and cream. The small town of Bon Temps wasn’t quick to take on the idea of “fang bangers” as well as their first interracial relationship – if that’s what you could call it. But like any relationship, Bill and Sookie have been passing each test that has been thrown their way. We’ll see if it holds true, that is if Eric Northman has anything to say about it.

bill-sookie-walk4. She loves Tara Thornton. Dent gives props to Sookie’s best friend and how she manages to stay on the right side of adorable. She’s the type of girl Dent says represents “slightly unhinged women, not taking this shit no more and not making a whole lot of sense but clearly enjoying showing it.” Grace Dent also thinks that Tara gets all the best lines in True Blood. For example, when Tara pointed out to Sam who she was–that she was the girl he’s been fucking. Don’t forget the line she gave about being married and her husband shot the last guy who bought her a CD in the nuts. I wonder if Dent’s love for Tara will continue when season two starts to play in the UK and she sees Tara get into trouble with Maryanne. Let’s hope so, for Tara Thornton’s sake.

5. She loves Merlotte’s Bar & Grill. Seriously, who doesn’t? Grace Dent even mentioned how it reminded her of Cheers and that is actually what I thought of when I first saw Merlotte’s in True Blood. You walk in, and everybody knows your name. The waitresses know your drink orders before you sit down and, of course, the bar owner is sleeping with one of his employees. Though, Dent reminds us that there are times  when strangers enter Merlotte’s.  For example,  Malcolm, Liam, and Diana walked into Merlotte’s when they stopped by to get Bill Compton’s attention. Nonetheless,  Merlotte’s is the place to be as there is always something happening. You could go looking for a burger and fries to eat, or maybe tonight is the night you want to score some V. Dent doesn’t leave  anyone out when mentioning  Merlotte’s Bar and Grill. You need a new wife, Dent says, Arlene is the waitress always needing a husband. If you need a fight, Tara is there and waiting. And of course, if you are looking for some fun in the sack, Jason Stackhouse is the man you call on when you’re at Merlotte’s.

She gives her five reasons as to why she bit into the series and finished it in a few days. Grace Dent is eagerly awaiting the start of season two. She also mentioned that if she starts rambling on about Twilight or Robert Pattinson next, then we all have permission to stake her. The same applies to me.

Credit: guardian.co.uk

  • antonio

    Watch Out! Beacuse Once You have been bitten You’ll Crave More and More! You will want to gorge yourself on The Show!!
    Not to mention the characters!! LOL
    Can We Ever Get Enough Bill & Sookie?? 🙂

  • Missyella

    Yes It has taken a while to get to us in the UK.

    Thank goodness I have already see the two seasons so far and am chomping along with other TB fans for season 3.

    More Eric/Alex please Alan Ball.

  • antonio

    I’m glad that the UK will get to watch True Blood Now!
    They too will get to see what a great show it is!
    Our British neighbors will get hooked on it as We are!
    Happy Watching Brits!! All The Best!!

  • I know …I am SHOCKED!! Why doesn’t Bill tell the Truth?? Why is he lying to Sookie??? Huh…I don’t know ?? He’s just a silly Vampire, I guess??! But, if you remember..when they first saw each other at the Sam’s place…Sookie, was like OMG!! He is so HOT! ( You could tell by the look on her face! and how she acted…)Kinda, the way I felt, when I first saw HIM!! Totally….I guess, I don’t take it as seriously as others do??!! That’s just me…I love the show!! And every one in it!! Go, “True Blood”!!!

    • Missyella

      Hi Lani,

      I think that the attraction was more on the part of Sookie, remember she was a virgin and was curious about him and Vampires in general.

      I think because she is special herself, she felt some sort of kindred bond about them being outsiders, before she even found out about Sam and his shapeshifting!!!!!

      The only reason she went to find Bill, was because she knew what the Rattrays were going to do to him. If this had not happened, she would not have been injured and would not have had to take Bill’s Blood.

      Was never really a Bill man, but Eric, now we’re talking lol.

      How did Eric know this, I am still wondering myself from ep 11, season 2.

      I believe that Bill was on a mission, sent by the Queen to “capture” Sookie, because they are aware of her “abilities”, as she calles it her “disability” the information coming from her Cousin Hadley, the Queen’s consort.

  • I really don’t care, who Sookie is with..Bill, Eric..Sam..??? It’s all about Bill, for me..So, any women he is with is good…And I didn’t read the books..esp. now, since it would throw me off?? I’m a show kinda gal, anyways…I really don’t get into the ..OMG! Bill and Sookie or It has to totally be …Eric and Sookie! It’s a wild and crazy show…And they need to move it on..with the characters!! Keep it exciting not..??! Predictable….(That’s just me, though..)

    • Missyella

      Hi Lani, yes I know it is only a show, loosely based on a Book (actually not that loosely, some scenes names have been changed etc), but where is Bill’s Backbone, concerning telling the truth to Sookie?? He lied about Jessica, Uncle Bartlett and this supposed blood bond that he and Sookie are meant to have, would they even be together (the attraction between them), if he had not allowed her to feed from him to heal after the beating from the Rattrays?. Eric may be a liar, to protect himself and the Vampires in his District when he has to be, but when he needs to tell the truth he does so, no hesitation.

      Is their relationship not based on another lie?? I love the show and I love the Books, but somtimes Writers artistic license is too much, not just for this particular show!!!!!!

  • Missyella

    I have alredy watched 22 of the 24 episodes, I nearly placed a spoiler whoops. I am eagerly awaiting season 3.

  • Missyella

    If you had/have read all of the nine Books by Charlaine Harria, you will find that ERIC is the Man/Vampire for Sokie, Bill’s character is not at all nice, no matter what Allan Ball has done on TB. Sorry!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I think her 5 reasons are great as well! Just love the Bill and Sookie theme! Eric is only there as a test to prove their love!

  • I liked the article..I agree with her 5 reasons,she likes “True Blood..) And I really like Tara…she’s a good one…Bill and Sookie at first..(cept, she needs to quit being so…Duh!! about the vampire deal…maybe this season??(I’m still waiting for it)Bill, now…Damn…!!! Eric…Is good..Either way…We are ALL HOOKED!! “WELCOME, TO THE WORLD OF..”TRUE BLOOD..UK!!!!! (YOUR IN IT NOW…)

  • Dee

    Sookie and Bill adorable? HAHAHAHA funiest thing ever, they’re like a a sleeping pill, Eric is far more interesting in every way, his past as a viking, his maker, his relationship with him, his child, everything!