What’s Cookin’ – Mint Julep

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Lafayette comin’ atcha here. Youse know that I am an Entrepreneur! I work on da road crew to keep myself lookin’ hot and SEXAY and line my pockets with a little jingle. Then at nights I cook at Merlotte’s bar where all the local necks hang out. So now I’m branchin’ out and I’m goin’ to be Bon Temps version of da BAM! man. I mean no one has more Bam! Bam! Bam! than ‘lil ole me! And I kin cook too! Every week or so I’m going to teach y’all to make food good enough to melt even Nan Flanagan’s heart. Bon Chika Wow Wow – Appetit!

Child, ya boy been drinkin’ himself in oblivion dis week. Youse know how my past week went and well …. It wasn’t good at all. I got dumped by a sexy mofo and it ain’t feel too good. I sho didn’t see that comin’. He think my pharmaceutical sales is a lil too much for him? He just don’t know. Dat’s da whole reason I can afford to pay part of his pitiful salary – cuz you know I be keepin’ my moms in da home wit ma lil side jobs. Well all I gots to say to dat is “Whateva”. I ain’t got to prove nothin’ to no one and I sho ain’t gots to worry about him. Imma be okay. Ya boy sho gone show him I ain’t need need or nobody else. Cept maybe Tara, whereva she at.

Enough about lil ol’ me. I wants to make sho y’all gots something cool to sip on during these hot days of summer. I tells Arlene to make these fo dem necks sometime. Dey love dem thangs. But den again, dem necks like anything that be havin’ dat bourbon in it. You know how we do down here.


2.5 ounces of bourbon (whiskey)

4 fresh sprigs of mint

2 teaspoons of water or tonic

1 teaspoon of powdered sugar

Directions: Mix mint leaves, water and powdered sugar in a tall, slim glass. Fill dat glass with some crushed ice, add da bourbon, mix well and serve to yo guests. Child, just don’t get too taka laka cuz’ you know some crazy stuff could go down. Til next time, enjoy ya lil refreshments.

(Photo credit: K. S. Rose)

Graphics Creation Credits: Steven Easterly

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