What’s Going on with True Blood’s Jessica Storyline?

December 15, 2009 by  

jessicaHello, fellow Truebies! Lately, thinking about the paths that True Blood has taken, I’ve found myself asking questions about the lovely miss Jessica and what is going to happen to her. After all, besides being a newbie vampire, she also has a MIA sire and a boyfriend who she may or may not make up with. However, all that can be fixed. (It just means Sookie has to really rally her friends around her and get Bill back! As for Jessica‘s relationship with Hoyt, that’s all up to him and Jessica to fix.)

One thing has REALLY been bugging me about Jessica, though: her status as a student in the United States education system. According to the show, Jessica is only 17 when she becomes a vampire. However, that fails to explain Jessica’s situation as a student. At 17, she is legally required to be in school, and somehow I doubt that her becoming a vampire would change that educational requirement. I actually went to a lawyer friend and asked him about education and drop out laws. He told me that unless you finish school early, you are required to be a full-time student until you are 18 years old, at which point you can legally drop out. (Of course, the law is slightly different if you get parental permission to drop out, but that’s another story.)

From what we saw of Jessica and her family, it seems that she was most likely in public school or home schooled, and most likely not done with her education.

What is your take on this storyline?  What does happen to vampires who are underage?  Are they allowed to attend night school or is it another civil right that is taken away from them for being a vampire.

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