What’s Going on with True Blood’s Jessica Storyline?

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jessicaHello, fellow Truebies! Lately, thinking about the paths that True Blood has taken, I’ve found myself asking questions about the lovely miss Jessica and what is going to happen to her. After all, besides being a newbie vampire, she also has a MIA sire and a boyfriend who she may or may not make up with. However, all that can be fixed. (It just means Sookie has to really rally her friends around her and get Bill back! As for Jessica‘s relationship with Hoyt, that’s all up to him and Jessica to fix.)

One thing has REALLY been bugging me about Jessica, though: her status as a student in the United States education system. According to the show, Jessica is only 17 when she becomes a vampire. However, that fails to explain Jessica’s situation as a student. At 17, she is legally required to be in school, and somehow I doubt that her becoming a vampire would change that educational requirement. I actually went to a lawyer friend and asked him about education and drop out laws. He told me that unless you finish school early, you are required to be a full-time student until you are 18 years old, at which point you can legally drop out. (Of course, the law is slightly different if you get parental permission to drop out, but that’s another story.)

From what we saw of Jessica and her family, it seems that she was most likely in public school or home schooled, and most likely not done with her education.

What is your take on this storyline?  What does happen to vampires who are underage?  Are they allowed to attend night school or is it another civil right that is taken away from them for being a vampire.

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  • So far I have seen nothing about the fact that since as being a vampire…she is not able to go out in the day time, so therefore, unless she is in community college at night classes, she cannot attend school.

    Also, this is obviously a make believe show and so I’m pretty sure that this issue of her not going to school is not at the top of the list in the show to be concerned with…unless you believe vampires and all that really do exist

  • Mortain

    Jessica is legally dead and therefore not required to attend school any longer.

  • Liberty!

    Isis Nocturne said: “Someone from the government is forever dropping in on families that homeschool their children”

    Does anybody else here think that even the notion of this is disturbing? I plan on homeschooling my children when I have them. As someone who believes in natural rights, I think the government has no business ‘dropping in’ unless I have committed a crime. No wonder more and more people are choosing to homeschool. The public school system is a disaster. American children are woefully unprepared to compete in the global economy. Parents who want to give their kids a competitive advantage have every right to educate their children without a bureaucrat knocking on their door. Read any book by John Taylor Gatto and your opinion on compulsory schooling will change forever.

  • Maria

    Jessica was homeschooled

  • Antonio

    Its an interesting thought and a thought provoking storyline but why should it matter? Here’s a thought.. In the Twilight books,#3 I think, Bella’s continuing education is discussed. It is agreed that Bella will continue her education even after becoming a vampire and that either Edward or Dr.Cullen will write letters or help her get into a good college. At first, She is not for this,Then after she thinks about it,Its something that she may want to do. Edward tries to get her to postpone her “turning” after graduation then after a few years of college then until she has experienced more in the human world.
    Bella agrees to this…eventually. Whats funny about this is there is a part in book 3,I think where Edward and Bella are in the meadow~~where they had their first kiss in book 1(this was not the case in the film) And Edward is ready to bite her What i found to be strangely funny was that Bella ,who acted like This was what she wanted for a long while, stops him and says she’d rather remain human for a while longer to attend college and see the world. Edward is dumbfounded. I think he even says “Why are you doing this to me?” I guess you cant say No to some guys even vampire ones..LOL
    Edward does get her a brand new car and gives her more thaan a few charge cards and even offers to pay for her college education…generous for a vamp,huh??
    At that point,Bella seems to be set..pretty much
    As for Jessica on TB? Who knows? I dont know why it should matter! Pam and Chow work for Eric,Who is successful owning Fangtasia and is somewhat enterprising. They didnt need an education obviously they are doing just fine If Pam needs anything I’m sure Eric would supply that!
    In fact, Maybe she would do well to work for Eric part time?
    How much of a formal education does a vampire or a Werewolf need anyway? I would think that being a vampire is enough but in the Twilight books as well as in the film,Dr.Cullen obviously received some kind of formal education to become the head Dr. at Forks general.

  • JANE


  • Kara

    She’s also dead. Dead people don’t have to go to school. And Vampire rights may not include public schools/education for teenage/child Vampires. If it did, Queen Sophie-Anne (who was turned when she was about 15) should be required to go to school, too!

    • I think you misunderstood the query. We’re not talking about other vampires, only Jessica, who we KNOW for a fact was 17 years old when she was turned, and thus in the current legal system is breaking the law by not getting an education. We’re not talking about other vampires who have were turned as teens but have been vampires for centuries.

  • ashley

    well I think that it hasn’t come up yet about her schooling. The shows time line is like a week or two long. It could be summer vacation in bon temps. And maybe she still studies, we don’t see her every moment she’s awake. Also I’m sure her family made a missing persons report on her but I think I know what happened to her family when sookie too her to their home so maybe she went from missing to unforgotten… now I have not read the books, so I don’t know what’s to come of her, but I really really hope she works things out with hoyt. I ? ? ? them together!

    • noia

      she doesn’t exist in the books. She’s a lame creation of HBO

      • If you don’t like Jessica, why are you commenting on an editorial about her?

        • noia

          ’cause I was googling her as I’ve just finally watched the tv series and this was the first thing/article I came across.

  • FlowerBite

    Yes, she did say she was home schooled. It is possible that, as Lynn says, it hasn’t been an issue. If it had, I guess the argument would be that Vampires live on indefinitely as long as they don’t meet with some pointy wood, Mr. Sun or a bad case of silver poisoning. So, they would have quite a while to become educated in pretty much everything.
    In Charlaine’s books (book 7) she mentions a child Vampire who was only about 12 when he was turned because his parents couldn’t bear to see him die of a rare blood disease. She also mentions that Sookie sees another Vampire’s license at one point (I forget which book) and the Vamp’s age is marked “V3” as in, he had been a Vampire for 3 years. This would prompt me to believe that: 1 – Vampires ages are “reset” by the government to the year they were turned. 2 – Vampires have to get re-licensed every year.
    So, I’m guessing anyway, that Jessica wouldn’t be under the rules of truancy. If we’re going by the books, that is. I wonder if that made any sense…

    • Even though I live in CA, I know a few drop outs myself, and they all had to wait until they were 18. In Louisiana, where there are a lot of problems with the drop out levels, I think even with Jessica now being a vampire, it would still be an issue. Someone from the government is forever dropping in on families that homeschool their children, so I would think that even if the government knew she was missing, there would still be a problem once they found out she was turned and not actually completely dead.

  • Lynn

    Thanks for the article, Isis!

    My guess, is that Jessica was/is homeschooled. I would assume, that school is just not a priority for Vampires, and that laws have not been created yet for fledgings. My guess, is that very few, if any vampire teens have been created since the Great Revelation as they call it, and therefore this has not been an issue until now. I wouldn’t imagine a teenage vampire who is hundreds of years old has much desire to go to school, unless looking to advance in a profession that requires it.

    All in all, I think this may be an issue for Mr. Ball to tackle this season. Regardless, this is an interesting angle for Jessica as she makes her way into becoming self sufficient.

    • Your comment on a young-looking vampire going to school all the time is one of the many issues I have with Twilight.

      Everything else you’ve said shows that you’re on the exact same page with this as I am. (Though, I’m sort of hoping that if this storyline is covered, Alan will film any classroom scenes at my local school, since other HBO shows like Big Love have filmed there before, and there is a new building with class rooms that are underground.)

  • Louisianagirl29

    Jessica was home schooled. She told Bill “No more home school no more rules, I’m a vampire!”

    • Thanks. I had forgotten that detail, and I don’t have the episode on hand to look that up myself.