Which True Blood Vampire Should Sookie Choose?

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anna-stephen-alexExtraTV has a new poll on their website and they are asking True Blood fans the question: “Who Should Sookie (Anna Paquin) Choose?”  Should she stays with the dark, handsome 173  year old southern vampire, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), who has sweeps her off her feet with his passion, charm  and romance.  A vampire who worships Sookie and would do anything for the woman he loves.  Or the blond 1000 viking vampire sheriff, Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), who is use to getting what he wants and right now he is showing interesting in taking Sookie as his own.  Hmmm, a hard choice because both vampires are sexy in two very different ways.  So if you can choose, go and vote on ExtraTV by clicking the link here.


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  • Antonio

    Who says that she will end up choosing Either of Them?
    She just may choose Sam or Possibly a Were Or perhaps a human man…Who knows? We will just have to wait and see i guess.

  • antonio

    I’m going to say something that may offend the loyal vampire teams,here..I Don’t mean to. Which Vampire should Miss Stackhouse choose? Neither,I think! I think 1 of 2 human guys would be good for her as a potential bf/husband.
    1. Terry Bellefleur Hes a war vet. He can cook He can take care of himself He’s a decent hardworking person He would be good to her He would work very hard to try and make her happy.

    2. Sam Merlotte He’s friendly loyal trustworthy hes grounded he values hard work He cares for her very much
    He would treat her good He would not yell at her like Bill and would not look down on her like Eric.
    Vampires can be a bit cocky All that strength powers of persuasion etc.
    Just an opinion

    • Nia

      Hey antonio, I have to disagree with Terry as a potential mate for Sookie. I just don’t see that happening.
      Sam of course would be a good choice for many reasons. One thing you have forgotten is that Sam really yelled at Sookie and got into her face in season 1 after they had coffee together, remember? He was so bad, accusatory and bossy that she took a cab home. So we see he has a temper too.
      As for Eric, I just do not see him loving her with all his being. Eric would always put Eric first. Sookie is a curiosity for him. After a 1,000 years he must find women boring and mostly just for food. Sookie does fascinate him, but is it Love? Unless he can change completely, who knows.
      Bill we know adores, desires, loves, protects…..Sookie. And yes we know he has a past and a dark side. He is a vampire after all, as much as he doesn’t want to be. He is the only one to tell her he loves her, so far. Yes he has yelled at her and argued with her (and she has yelled and argued back), but don’t most couples that really care about each other?
      Well, I guess I would fight with Bill all the time too if it means that great makeup sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yummy

  • Missyella

    I am an Eric man all the way. I feel from the Book (yes I know), that Bill uses her body like it is some kind of Doll!!!!! Shall we talk, distract her with sex yet again.

    Eric may want her and is prepared to wait for her, so I feel his unrequited love (he has lost all humanity thus far remember, so love is alien to him), will be awkened by Sookie and just being around her.

    Eric knows she is a Telepath, but does not need her because of it, plus she is part Fairy, only she does not know it yet.

    He and Sookie are on the same wavelength and can actaully communicate.

    Alcide could have been the Were/man for her.

    I think Liev Shreiber should play him when casting.

  • I’m really not on a team Bill or Eric??!! Whatever?? Who ever crazy Sookie get’s with..Oh,Well?! Good for her..Now, I always thought Stephen Moyer was a sexy man..So, there for I’m a thrilled over Bill, Now, Alex…Another sexy man…His, Eric ..Great! But, I just prefer “Bill”..So…That’s just me…

  • Dee

    This same question has been circulating a bit too much on various websites and the media in general, and honestly it’s a bit childish because some people are treating it like it’s Twilight, only with Team Bill vs. Team Eric, and in my opinion, it’s ridiculous; it’s only a TV show.

    Although with that aside, if I had to choose, I’d picked anyone that’s not Eric. He’s too concerned with himself to take care of Sookie. They should give Sam or someone else a chance.

    • Nia

      Bill would be my first choice, then Sam. These are two men who truly feel love and desire, and would protect those they love fiercely.

      • antonio

        I agree Nia Although I’d rather see her with a human.
        I guess Terry is the Only 1 who is All human As Sam is a Shapeshifter. Sam is a heck of a nice guy,though
        Sam could give her something Bill could Not…a heartbeat and procreative sex…in other words Children.
        At the end of the season 2 finale Sam says he thinks of the townspeople as “Family” very moving.

        • Nia

          You are very right about that antonio. Both men are great but in a real world Sam could give her more. He could be with her day and night (unless of course Bill built a light tight bedroom, but still he could not go out during the day) and of course he could give her children.
          Yet, the hopeful romantic in me wants her to end up with Bill. He has done so much for her and loves her so deeply. Plus, remember, Sookie chose Bill over Sam from the beginning. I am sure that the idea that she can’t hear Bills thoughts makes a big difference to her also

  • Val

    Go Viking!

  • She, should go with sexy, hottie Bill Compton…But, since he worships her!! Why, would you do that?? Anyways..She will probably, go the twit women thing and pick the one that that doesn’t really want her..she just thinks he does??! Plus, she can’t get bossy and pouty with, Eric..She would want to, But, she knows better…Bill just needs to, stand up and say” Who ya talkin to? VAMPIRE,Here..calm it on down there,Sookie…It’s not gonna be one of those..NOT THE NECK,nights! It will be the neck and the other juicey ateries,(You know the one I’m talkin about!)That’ll wake her up or wise her up..Or both??!!

  • Lynn

    Did any of you pay attention to the fact that Bill was sent by the Queen to keep an eye on Sookie?? Or that he fed her his blood the night they met? That his answer to Eric, when Eric asked if Bill loved her was “Sookie must be protected”??
    Eric may have tricked her into taking his blood, but she knew right away what happened. He took bullets for her, and shrapnel in the show. Bill cheats on her in the books, and I wouldn’t give him another chance either if I were her. He betrays her in so many ways it is ridiculous to think the few times he saves her makes up for it. Not to mention, for the people who have read the books, what happened in the trunk of the car in book 3.

    • Nia

      This is not the books we are talking about. People are still confusing the two. The show will never be the same as the books.
      It will be similar.

    • Dee

      So you’re saying that just because Bill wasn’t a perfect angel in the books that you’re going to justify that he’s going to act a similar way in the show, and that it should be the reason why Sookie should choose Eric instead? You have to remember that Alan Ball has mentioned that he is *not* going to follow everything that had happened in the books 100%

      When you’re an author, and you sell your books rights to a production company in order to create a TV show, the producers gain the rights to change anything they want to. The show is not going to be a direct carbon copy of the books.

  • Mara

    Team Eric here.

  • jane


  • Elizabeth

    Bill all the way! He is gorgeous and so is Sookie – they make one gorgeous couple!

  • Nia

    Since we are ONLY discussing the show here, and we must pick between 2 vampires, it has to be Bill! He is so in love with Sookie and would risk everything for her, including meeting the sun.

  • Options

    She still has a couple of guys to go through before the final decision lol.

  • Mary Ellen Ciaccia

    follow the books Sookie gets involved with so many people – Eric and Bill remain forever a part of that!!

    • TreasureCoast

      I know 😉 I cant wait to see who they cast as Alcide and the gorgeous Quinn! and that reminds me of Debbie Pelt too.

    • Jessica

      Yeah I’m team Eric all the way but in the books there are too many guys to choose from…Alcide seems hot and Quinn too I wonder who they’ll cast to play them in the show? Yeah Debbie Pelt nasty lol!!!

      • Olivia

        If we are speaking stricktley by the book I am team Quinn 100%. Although I do feel bad for Bill in the books since everything bad he did I feel was not his fault (looking at things from a vamps point of view) I totally get why Sookie left him though. And Eric is only cares about himself unless he is “under a spell”. To this day I think Sookie shook Quinn off too fast. Never gave him a chance to redeam himself. All though as far as the show goes Bill is SO much better in the show than in the books. At least so far… Although I do LOVE Alexander and his portrayle of Eric I still think it is all about him…. Uless it is about Godric :). And let me just say I am SO loving Eric’s new look. The fake wig looked fake to me. And I will end my short thought that turned into a rant with saying that I am WELL aware that the books and show are TOTALY differant and I am glad they are. This way both the shows and new books are a complete suprise!

        • Vero

          AB said in Comic-Con that in S3 he was looking forward to the werewolves and the character of Debbie Pelt. So it looks that we are getting Sookie/Alcide/Debbie triangle. It should be interesting to see AB’s take on that.