Who Should Be True Blood’s Alcide?

September 30, 2009 by  

sookie-stackhouse-true-bloodMichael Ausiello at EW.com is asking the question who should be cast for the role of Alcide for Season 3 of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood.  As we have heard from previous spoiler reports Alcide is the young man (who also happens to be a werewolf) who helps Sookie look for Bill.  Here are several of Michael’s suggestions:

Henry Cavill from Tudors

Benjamin Bratt  from The Cleaner

Steven Strait from Stop-Loss and 10,000 BC

Jeffrey Dean Morgan from Grey’s Anatomy

Ben Browder from Farscape and Stargate SG-1

Cam Gigandet from Twilight

You can vote on Michael’s selection on his website by clicking here.

So who do you think would be right for the part of the dark, hairy werewolf?


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  • tom

    or the lucifer from underworld

  • tom

    jensen ackles

  • Zanjka

    i think jeremy sisto would make perfect alcide

    • missyella

      I think we have found Alcide, if there is a God…………….

  • Carrie

    I think Henry Cavil all the others just arent right.

  • vanessa

    Gosh i hope the cast Steven Straight!

  • Tom Welling even has the same color eyes ;]

  • I think Tom Welling would make a good Alcide 😀

  • I think Russell Brand to me is looking better…he’s doing a sequel to Sarah Marshall…plus I think I read somewhere he is going to be in The Tempest with Helen Mirren. He knows he has to expand beyond his image.

    • missyella

      Peep80, No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I’m getting bored now.

      No Russell Brand full stop.

      • Everyone has their own take on things…I’m looking at ….he maybe able to pull in more of the younger & hipper viewers, plus he’s out there getting feature films too…he must be doing a few things right? I guess we’ll all have to be surprised when S3 starts. I hope in some aspects, AB does keep things secret until the end.

        • missyella

          Russell Brand in the UK is an aquired taste, yes he may bring in younger and hipper viewers, but True Blood is not made for the MTV generation, it is on HBO and is made for us who have a longer memory span and discerning taste,

          His shows on Channel 4 are what we would call have a cult following and he is now more known here in the UK for dating Katie Perry.

          Yes it is interesting that you can see Alcide in him, but no, for one he is two scrawny and always looks like he needs a good wash.

          Alan Ball will pick the best Actor for the role, so role on season 3

  • B

    i think Steven Strait will make sookie look like a cougar

    • missyella

      Just Googled Steven Strait, looks good but also looks way to young for Sookie.

      From the Books I imagined Alcide to be a little older than Sookie, so would opt for younger versions of a Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds primarily due to their colouring.

      Other than that apart from Liev Schreiber, I have not got a clue.

  • Ciara

    Eric mamoa would be a yummy choice for Alcide,with his green eyes, olive complexion, well over six feet, his muscular physique(must have) and ability to pass for different ethnicities. i just happen to come across a actor named Manu bennett who played in 30 days of night. they can always use green contacts for him, since they had to dye Anna paquin’s hair blonde. Jason behr has a sexy animalistic quality about him as well and looks good scruffy. (that’s if henry cavill isn’t available)

  • psy10

    and why not Scott Elrod? He Was “Cash” in “Men in trees”

  • psy10

    And why not Scott Elrod???? I immediately thinking about him when I read books…. He was “Cash” in “Men in trees”…

  • I have not read any of the Sookie Stackhouse books, so I do not have a take on this character. But I have a little different view….Russell Brand.

    • missyella

      Peep80, are you for real????????

      I am laughing so much Russell Brand, I can’t stand him here in England, why on earth on TB.

      Never hahahahahahahaha

      • Maybe Mr. Brand is trying to clean himself up a little, since getting with Katy Perry??? Physically…he looks kinda wolfish. Maybe he can do a lttle drama…who knows…I would certaily like to see his screen test. But, I agree he may have a time keeping to the task.

  • Belle

    Jeffery Dean Morgan&Benjamin Bratt= too old, and too well known.
    Cam Gigandet= too pretty and too one dimensional.
    Steven Strait= not enough acting chops!
    Ben Browder=???

    Henry Cavill=Alcide Hervieux (just right).