VIDEO: Michelle Forbes Talks More True Blood in France

December 8, 2009 by  

Michelle-Forbes-HBOAs most of you know, the cast of True Blood have been in France promoting season 2 of the acclaimed series. We found another interview that Michelle Forbes did this time with to discuss the mysterious and deadly character, Maryann Forrester. The interview got off to an amazing start with Michelle’s first question being, ‘how do you like playing the evil bitch’. Michelle laughed saying that playing Maryann was a lot of fun. She typically plays evil characters but she had the best time with Maryann. Michelle goes on to talk about the fact that we learn much more about Maryann’s hidden agenda as season 2 progresses. We get to learn more about her appetite and her spirituality.

The interview then goes on to discuss the relationship between Maryann and Tara. Michelle explains that during the course of the show we have learned that Tara has had an extremely hard life and is at a point in her life where she feels alone and abandoned and this makes her very vulnerable to Maryann.

Michelle also discussed her role in the HBO movie, “In Treatment” and how much that character differs from Maryann. She feels blessed to get to play two very different characters and is grateful that HBO gives actors the chance to do that. It is so easy to be type cast and Michelle explains that HBO offers actors so much more freedom from that. Well we all know first hand just how talented Michelle Forbes is and what an amazing job she has done on True Blood!

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SOURCE:  Premiere.Fr

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc. screencaps by James)