Will Season Four Pave the Road to the Return of Russell Edgington?

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True Blood Season 4 Spoilers and Speculation:

Denis O'Hare as Russell Edgington in Season 3 True Blood (HBO,inc.)

Season 4 of True Blood premieres June 12, 2011– just 5 short months from now. Fans (including me!) are waiting on pins and needles to see what’s going to happen next to our favorite characters and to finally get answers to some looming questions that came up at the end of season 3.

Some of the questions fans hope to find answers to include:

  • What’s in store for vampire Bill Compton(Stephen Moyer) as he faces off with the much-more-powerful Vampire Queen of Mississippi (Evan Rachel Wood)?  Also, will there ever be a Sookie and Bill relationship again?
  • After taking sewing shears to her lovely locks, where did Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley) and her cool-looking convertible go–and is she coming back or will she be on an extended road trip?
  • Has Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who recently discovered she is part-faery, actually gone to the land of the Fae and will she return to what must seem a very cold ‘real’ world?

Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) the Vampire King Of Mississippi, is yet another True Blood character favorite that fans want to know about. Russell was encased in concrete, gangland style, by Bill Compton with an assist from Eric Northman, at the end of season 3.  Eric was buried ‘alive’ under a huge amount of cement by Bill as well, seemingly forever to be encased in the hardened concrete but as her maker, he was able to summon Pam (Kristen Bauer van Straten) to help him. I wonder if she had to ruin another pair of pumps?

The first thought that crossed my mine was it is easy to picture Russell getting out with the help of an unknown source–perhaps Eric. I think it was Eric after he himself was released from the concrete. It is no secret Russell has caused lots of craziness for the main characters for husband Talbot’s killing so he could be back to cause more drama for everyone at some as yet unknown point.

It seems like a great idea that Alan Ball and True Blood‘s talented writing team kept the storyline open so that Russell may show back up sometime after the season premiere. Rumours are swirling that Denis O’Hare will indeed return as the ruthless Russell with his plotline intertwined with a filmmaker trying to get vampire attacks on camera and put them on the internet. Being a fan I can’t wait till season 4, even though June seems a long time from now.

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