Will True Blood’s Russell Edgington Return?

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Denis O’Hare Talks Possible Return in 5th Season:

Denis O’Hare as Russell Edgington S3Denis O’Hare spoke recently about the possibility of his return to True Blood as vampire Russell EdgingtonKing of Mississippi. When we last saw Russell he was burned from the sun, bound by silver and was being covered in cement by Bill and Eric, which happened at the end of the 3rd season. When asked whether the king will return, O’Hare said:

“I think Alan Ball was asked recently about Russell’s return and he said, ‘Russell’s not dead’, and I can’t do better than that so I’ll just reiterate what he said. It’s a great character and I feel he hasn’t been able to completely express his dreams yet, I think more than any of the other vampires that season he had ambition and huge dreams. I’m still attracted to that, and I think he needs to fulfill whatever it is he’s aiming for and go out in a blaze of glory in whatever it is he needs to do.”

O’Hare also said that he expects to return as Russell at the start of the fifth season next year. So Truebies, what do you think? Are you a fan of Russell Edgington and looking forward to his return, or do you think he should be done? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Source: digitalspy.com – Denis O’Hare teases ‘True Blood’ return

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  • Travissa Hooks

    I love Russell. He is the most exciting vampire. He kept the show lively.

  • Travissa Hooks

    I love Russell. He is the most exciting vampire. He kept the show lively.

  • Jaxx

    I’m hoping Russell will be back.  I loved Dennis’ portrayal of him.  I think Bill will be demoted from the position of King by Nan Flanigan and Russell will be back to take his place.  I’m guessing if Russell is to return at the beginning of Season 5 that somehow witchcraft will release him from his encasement in cement.

  • Bring him back – Russell’s awesome!  Bring him back and let him kill off Vampire Bill!