Will True Blood last as long as the Vampires

June 15, 2010 by  

On the cusp of such a great third season premiere, many of us “truebies” are hoping True Blood will go on forever and ever. HBO is known for only running shows around five to six seasons, even Alan Ball‘s previous show “Six Feet Under” only ran for five season, Alan is hopeful that True Blood will last as many series as the book. Charlaine Harris just finished her 10th book in the Sookie Stakehouse Series and it is rumored that she will write at least 3 more. This is great new for fans, but why the difference with True Blood?

“I think True Blood could run longer than ‘Six Feet Under’ because of the supernatural element. There’s just so many areas to create stories that we didn’t have on ‘Six Feet Under’. Literally by the fourth season we started to hit the wall. It was like what about – oh no we did that in season two. But because of the supernatural element in ‘True Blood’ I feel like lit could continue much longer.”

The other thing that fans will have to wonder about is will the True Blood cast, many actors like Stephan Moyer, Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard, want to play their characters for ten plus seasons. Normally, cast members are only set up for contracts that last for five years, [Editor’s note:  however in Stephen‘s and Anna‘s case they have signed a seven year contract] so after that actors could choose to leave the show. Alan Ball does realize as much of a fan basis True Blood may have,  it may not be able to stay in production for another seven seasons.

“…Once it feels like it’s the right time to end the show then we’ll end it. Or I don’t know. This one’s more successful for HBO than ‘Six Feet Under’ was. So maybe they’ll say ‘Oh no. We’ll just get somebody else to run.”

Well one thing is for sure, True Blood is starting out with a bang and a bite and we can’t wait for more.

Source:  fancast.com

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