Will True Blood’s Eric and Sookie Have Their Long Awaited Shower Scene?

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Comic-Con’s True Blood Panel Delivers Elusive Answers (SPOILERS!):

TB cast at Comic-Con 2011 AP Photo/Denis Poroy

 The question on everyone’s mind at Comic-Con was: will there be a shower scene and how closely will it follow the book? Alan Ball‘s response:

“There will be a moment where Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) are together in the shower. But it may be weirder and dirtier than the one in the book.”

Weirder and dirtier? Well we should expect nothing less from True Blood. Who wants clean and normal? Ball also commented on Season 5 and promises that there will be a male/female strip club. Ball also said that at the strip club there would be “a completely different twisted supernatural aspect”.

Many fans asked if Sam (Sam Trammell) and Tara (Rutina Wesley) have any hope of getting back together or if their romance is over? Ball’s response was evasive: “Nothing is ever done on this show.” Something we all know to be true on True Blood.

We will also get to see how Eric made his progeny Pam (Kristin Bauer) next season, something many fans have been waiting a long time to see.

The Comic-Con crowd got a sneak peak at a trailer for the rest of Season 4. It ends with Sookie lying on the ground in a graveyard bleeding from the stomach. A million questions rush through one’s head after seeing it, but we shall just have to wait until next Sunday and the Sunday after that…

Alan Ball did make a rather mysterious statement about Sookie and her Fairy heritage:

“For those who read the books, you know that fairies are born in litters and are identical.”

Does this mean we will be seeing more of Claudine in some way?

Many of us have been wondering, why haven’t we seen more naked Sookie? Ball’s answer:

“She takes her clothes off all the time.”

Thank goodness, because a naked Sookie usually means there is a naked vampire!

Were any of you lucky enough to attend the panel?  Share your experience with us in the comment section!

Source: E! Online – Will Eric & Sookie Get Their Infamous Shower Scene? Comic-Con Delivers True Blood Answers!

(Photo credit: AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

  • Jaxx

    I so hope for the Eric/Sookie shower scene.  I am so loving this season.

    The wilder and weirder the better.  And, I think we will be seeing more of Sookie’s fae family, as those who have read the book know the reason, not to spoil for the rest.

    • loved tonights episode july 31st. finally got eric and sookie making out. still want that shower scene too.

  • maybe debbie shoots sookie?

  • hm.. i think debbie is going to shoot her maybe?

  • hm.. i think debbie is going to shoot her maybe?

  • Anonymous

    I was there!!. You may want to edit this post, as Sam Trammell was not there…. He was too busy having twins.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe I misread, but I don’t see anywhere in this article where Sam Trammell was there or answered any questions.  However, I do see where fan asked about Sam and Tara and Alan Ball commented on their romance.  With that said, you may want to edit your post.  BTW, great to hear Sam Trammell had twins.

      • Wise & AAM88 , you both did reread I think, they were only asking a question about Sam and Tara, and they added the actor’s who play them, they  didn’t say they asked Sam directly.  I believe it was addressed to AB.