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sheriffdearborneWilliam Sanderson who plays Sheriff Bud Dearborne on Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series True Blood took time out of his busy schedule to talk with Clint Morris about his work on True Blood and his experiences on other projects.

Mr. Sanderson we asked how did he get the role of Sheriff Bud Dearborne on True Blood to which Mr. Sanderson stated :

“The same casting director that did Deadwood brought me in to read the part of Sheriff Dearborne for True Blood‘s creator, Alan Ball.  I know they were looking for authentic southern accents – which has been a curse and a blessing for me.  Alan said he had never seen “Deadwood” – maybe that’s why I landed the role! [Laughs]”

Previously Mr. Sanderson was on the HBO series “Deadwood” where he played the role of  E.B.  He stated he loved playing the slimy character but states it is very refreshing to play a good-guy Sheriff like Bud Dearborne.  He states that he often finds himself playing the “weird, quirky or bad guy in town.”

Mr. Morris tries to gain more information about Mr. Sanderson’ s character on True Blood and asks whether we will learn more about him.  Mr. Sanderson states that:

“There’s not much on him in Charlaine Harris‘s books.  He is a southerner, of course, is married and has grandchildren.  I’m still learning.  Alan Ball told me that Bud was Jason’s Sunday school teacher – the most helpful clue about Bud to date.  It goes without saying that I’m looking forward to learning more about him as time goes on.”

Mr. Sanderson explains that although the series is set in Louisiana the majority of the filming occurs in and around Los Angeles and on sound stages in Hollywood with some outdoor shots done in Louisiana that requires the cast and crew to make several trip to in order to shoot the scenes.

When asked what he believes to be the attraction of the show True Blood, Mr. Sanderson replies with a humorous remark that YOUTH is the main reason.  He further elaborates that people enjoy watching “young and attractive characters struggling with love and life.”  Of course the fantastic writing, music and hard work by everyone makes it a wonderful production to work on Mr. Sanderson says.  When asked the question does he believe in vampires Mr. Sanderson states that he has never met one but that being said does not mean they do not exist.

Mr. Sanderson is keeping himself busy not only with True Blood but also worked on an independent film entitled “Pretty Ugly People” which is directed by Tate Taylor and also stars Missi Pyle, Melissa McCarthy and Allison Janney.  The movie has won several awards including: Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the Crossroads Film Festival; Jury Prize for Best Feature Film at the Long Island Film Expo; Best Feature Film Award at the Central Florida Film Festival; Audience Award at the Gotham Screen Film Festival; and Best Feature Film Award at Berks Movie Madness

Pretty Ugly People is about six estranged college friends who are brought together by a “dying” woman’s wish. In fact, Lucy (Missi Pyle) is not dying, she’s had gastric-bypass surgery and tricks her friends to come on a trip to a retreat in Montana so the “thin” Lucy can finally feel a part of the group. She learns that life on the other side of obesity is not as green as she once thought.

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